Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Domestic Business Activities from an International and Global Point of View.

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Domestic Business Activities from an International and Global Point of View. International Business Practices Running Head: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PRACTICES International Business Practices in APA Style Name of Student

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Domestic Business Activities from an International and Global Point of View.
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International Business Practices 2

The future of all successful businesses tends to be heading in the global direction. As Vice President of International Sales who manages a diverse team of managers, it is crucial that one addresses global issues such as viewing domestic business activities from an international and global point of view. Analyzing world markets, their customers and environments, and knowing the marketing and management methods of the dynamic world market are also responsibilities of the Vice President. Globalization is “to make global or worldwide in scope or application”, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2000).”The tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe, thereby increasing the interconnectedness of different markets” is the definition listed by Investopedia.com (1999-2005).It is a contentious, or controversial, process.A popular view of globalization is the integration of markets, nations/states, and markets in order to reach the globe faster and more efficiently.(Globalization Debates, 2000-2001). It is crucial that cross-cultural communication, cooperative decision-making, and collaborative problem-solving be implemented in multinational corporation management.Globalization leads to cultural homogeneity.Interaction and integration, global norms, and ideas or practices all become united.It is important that the management of a multinational corporation work together to overcome boundaries and differences and to be able to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate in order to effectively work together, communicate, make decisions, and solve problems as a single entity as globalization does simply that.brings the world together.

This position requires the knowledge and implementation of technology, media tactics, the Internet, and computer mediated communications (CMC) as this is the only way to communicate with a global sales team. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (last modified 2006)

International Business Practices 3

gives defines computer-mediated communication (CMC) as “any form of communication between two or more individual people who interact and/or influence each other via separate computers through the Internet or a network connection – using social software. CMC does not include the methods by which two computers communicate, but rather how people communicate via computers” The Internet has provided tools for immediate communication like never before. Organisations can communicate with their global staff, research and keep current on recent happenings, deliver services, products, and communication in real time using technology. Immediate responses, interaction with diverse sales team and the publics, and real-time service and monitoring is detrimental in the daily operations of a global business in order to cater to the entire global staff and its customers/clients.

As Vice President, it is important have knowledge of domestic activities and policies and to understand the various cultures and operations of the sales force outside of the United States. This can only be accomplished by using human resource (staff) from around the world as they are familiar with the countries, company, and cultures in which they live and are operating from. Proper training, understanding of a various cultures, how business is handled in different parts of the world, varying company policies and operations (although the company is one entity, policies and routines vary slightly, if not extremely, in order to accommodate the differences), language and cultural differences, various sales methods, training, customer service, account management, follow-up procedures, key accounts management, etc. can only be handled by working with the various sales teams and using their expertise. The Vice President must make use of his number one asset which is human resource in order to apply the best approaches and methods and focus on both the macro and micro economics of the global

International Business Practices 4

business. He cannot do this alone but will achieve success if he learns from those in the various parts of the world and learns from those who are experts in the various locations and cultures in which they live and work. They will know the best approaches to communication, sales, customer service, find solutions, developing innovative tactics, etc. The best way in managing a diverse sales team is to incorporate the sales management from each area and empowering them and learning from them.


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