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3RTO Multiple Choice Test Section 1 3RTO: Resourcing Talent Question 1 Talent management looks at how an organisation uses the skills of its workforce in order to maintain competitive advantage. Which of the areas listed below would not be part of a talent management programme? Leadership development Recruitment and selection Succession planning Payroll processing Question 2 Talent management programmes can help motivate staff and make them more productive, which in turn benefits the organisation. One of the following benefits is imaginary, which is it?
Able to develop skills with a career path in mind Organisations receive favourable tax incentives for implementing talent management programmes More motivation as the employer is supporting employee development The organisation is able to identify skills gaps in the workforce Question 3 Internal labour markets can often be the main source of future labour requirements from within an organisation. Which of the following IS NOT an example of the use of an internal labour market? Promotion in an organisation In-house succession planning Company talent management schemes Headhunting
Question 4 External labour markets provide labour solutions/appointments which are found from outside the organisation. From the list below select the example of the internal labour market solution. Selection from a national pool of candidates Redeployment Headhunting Relocation from another country Question 5 One of the aspects of recruitment listed below is an example of an external labour market. Which is it? Management succession In-house promotion Hiring via a local recruitment agency Job rotation Question 6 HR planning is affected by a variety of factors, including those listed below.

However one of them is not a factor in HR planning – select which one this is. Employee Turnover Recruitment and selection Natural Wastage Payroll systems Question 7 Demand forecasting examines what events might occur within an organisation in the future, but amongst the four areas listed below which is not an example of demand forecasting? Downsizing Auditing Expansion Restructuring Question 8 Labour supply is affected by a variety of factors but one of the examples listed below is not a factor. Which is it? Natural wastage Skills mix of labour supply Employment Levels Inflation
Question 9 Calculating employee turnover can be a useful measure of employee engagement and staff retention. One of the examples listed below does not form part of the calculation mentioned in your workbook – which is it? Dismissals Redundancy Retirement Redeployment Question 10 Which of the following IS NOT a cost from recruitment and selection? Induction training Advertising Interviewing time Annual Leave Question 11 Referring back to your workbook, one of the following pieces of legislation has no direct relevance to recruitment. Which is it? Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Race Relations Act 1976 Question 12 Getting staff to take on extra responsibilities can be difficult without incentives for them, whether they be financial or otherwise. From the following list select which is not a positive incentive for an employee to accept extra responsibilities. Further professional development opportunities Some form of remuneration or salary award You are worried about what your manager will think of you if you do not accept It is part of your CPD/appraisal goals
Question 13 Incentive schemes are normally made up of financial and non-financial rewards. Which of the following is an example of a non-financial reward? Performance related pay Commission schemes Flexible working hours End of month/quarter/year bonuses Question 14 You would only be expected to clarify one of the following areas during an interview – which is it? Age Academic qualifications Religious beliefs Marital Status Question 15 Which of the following IS NOT a stage one would expect within the recruitment process? Short list/Short listing Long list/Long listing Telephone interview
Outplacement Question 16 Recruiters and employers use a variety of selection methods to assess candidates. Which of the following would be an inappropriate means to assess a candidate’s skills and abilities? Work presentations Interviewing Psychometric testing Religious beliefs Question 17 The WASP interview structure has four stages but which of the following is not one of them? Welcome Assimilate Supply Part Question 18 Psychometric testing is a popular assessment method for employers when recruiting to a new role. Below are measures that are part of it but one is incorrect – which is it?
Objective Standardised Valid Bias Question 19 Which of the following would not form part of an assessment centre? A contingency based interview Written or oral tests In-tray exercises Presentation exercises Question 20 An employee’s job content can be assessed in a variety of ways but one of the examples listed below is not one of them. Which is it? On the job observation Work diaries Terms of the contract of employment Job/Work questionnaires Question 21 Listed below are four reasons for employers producing a job description, but one is not correct. Select the INCORRECT statement.
To have clear guidance about what is expected of the individual in their role It is a legal requirement To use as a means with which to performance manage staff To help support PDP/development plans Question 22 Which of the following IS NOT information that you would expect to be included in a personal specification? Salary Academic requirements Skills and experience Which elements of the role are essential or desirable Question 23 Effective questioning during an interview can help make an informed judgement about a candidate’s skills and experience.
Which of the examples given below is an imaginary questioning technique? Open questioning Probing questioning Coercive questioning Reflective questioning Question 24 From the list below can you select which is not an appropriate means with which to assess an applicant’s suitability for a position? Contingency Based questions Contact family members for a reference Assessment centres Obtaining references Question 25 Which of the following IS NOT one of the primary elements of active listening? Comprehending Retaining Disregarding Responding
Question 26 Listening is said to have three different levels involved in it, but one of the following options is not one of them. Select the false level. Active listening Peripheral listening Staged listening Attentive listening Question 27 Non verbal communication can take a variety of forms. Referring back to your workbook, which of the following is a means of non-verbal communication? Body language Telephone calls Face to face discussions Public speeches Question 28 Employment references provide information to organisations to assess a candidates suitability for a role.
Below are listed example of information you would expect to be included in a reference, with one exception – which is it? Length of service Job title List of duties Personal Interests Question 29 Which of the following IS NOT a way in which induction processes can save on costs? Less time other staff members have to spend on training inductees Less money spent on having to constantly re-recruit staff members It can help the new staff member understand the organisation’s culture and work practices more quickly Developing HR Information Systems

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