Health Promotion & Alcohol

The majority (31%) of deaths from alcoholic liver disease were among those geed 50-59 years. My rationale for picking the target group under ass’s is because I want to try & prevent under ass’s from the onset of dying of alcoholic liver disease because 40 upwards It may be too late to prevent people from alcohol abuse. Pittance et al 2006 states that Simply delaying onset of alcohol consumption from early to late adolescence is an important goal for preventing alcohol misuse and also for preventing long term alcohol related diseases.
According to Alcohol concern a very scary thought is that In London, hospital admissions for liver disease caused by drinking among the under-thirties have risen y 112 per cent in the past decade, with doctors saying professional women in their twenties and thirties, who might only consider themselves ‘social’ drinkers, have played a major part in this rise. Slide 2: Health” Health Is defined In the WHO constitution of 1948 as So then what Is health promote????
Health promotion, public health, health education and health improvements are widely, and often imprecisely, defined. Tangential (2009) argues that there are so many definitions that the term health promotion’ has become meaningless. According to Green & Tones 2010, Health promotion is… And More recently The WHO , 2014, has defined Health promotion as ” the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental Interventions .

I was surprised while doing my research on health promotion to discover how Benton (2008) pointed out that even in successful areas, such as tobacco control and raising issues related to health inequalities, health promotion has received no credit no acknowledgement. This is where us nurses of the future come Into play. It Is our Job to make promoting health an everyday occurrence using every opportunity we can when in contact with patients. ћ… People who drink excessively do not perceive themselves as being unhealthy.
The Department of Health 201 3, supports this by saying 83% of people who regularly drink above the guidelines don’t think their drinking is putting their long-term health at risk. The health Belief Model which was originally developed by Rosenstein In 1966 fits very well into this conception of behavior change requiring a state of readiness to susceptibility to a particular health condition. Slide 3: Factors influencing health: Health is shaped by many different factors & Effective health promotion influences the determinants of health.
The ‘determinants’ of health” are people’s values, cultural, social, economic and environmental living conditions According to Davies, 2012, The influence of social norms on alcohol misuse include peer pressure, perceived expectation, gaining respect and cultural acceptance. Lifestyle: for students: no money so they binge drink: Many adolescents engage in ‘binge drinking, defined by as a high intake of alcohol in a short pace of time.
Finance: Although London is home to many higher income residents as is parts of chloroformed, it also has its share of of poverty and disadvantaged populations. A high income individual can drink coffee and smoke a pack of cigarettes Just as often as the individual with a low income. I think as nurses it is important to consider the reasons why and understand the contextual factors such as the environment, the societal structure and the capacity to make good health decisions Socio-Economic conditions such as: Housing: One major impact on the health and well-being of people is where and how they live.
Not only is the physical and social environment important, but the home is also the setting within which care is increasingly provided by both family and community based health and social care. Poor housing can affect people’s health. Employment: According to Marmot & Wilkinson 2006, Work is the area where many of the important influences on health are played out. This includes both employment conditions and the nature of work itself. Culture:According to the Poverty statistics. Org. K, 2014 (Black and minority ethnic groups) are more likely to report ill health, and experience ill health earlier tawniest British people. Bio-psycho-social needs: Clear association between Mental health and drinking. Depression. According to the WHO , 2009, Inequities in relation to alcohol, Worldwide causes 1. 8 million deaths. Unintentional injuries alone account for about one third of the 1. 8 million deaths. We have become all too accustomed to much of the global burden of disease which is unavoidable & therefore unacceptable. It is inequitable.
Same can be said for the unavoidable deaths as a result of alcohol abuse. According to the UPCHUCK 2007, The highest burden of alcohol-related disease in the world is in the region of he former Soviet Union and Central Asia, where it amounts to 13% of the total disease burden Slide 4: Effects of Alcohol So what is alcohol….. …….. According to Drug free world. Org Alcohol is a drug. It is classed as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions?resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, According to Davies, 2012, In large quantities, alcohol is neurotic.
Sustained high consumption above the recommended safe intake can destroy brain cells. Excess alcohol can affect your brain and cause depression. Certain types of cancer such as mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophageal anger have also been linked to drinking too much alcohol. Drinking excessively may also increase your risk of bowel and breast cancer. Research has found that women who drink 2-5 units a day are 41% more likely to get breast cancer than those who don’.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stomach ulcers are more common if you regularly drink more than the recommended daily amount.
Heavy drinking is also associated with stomachache. Liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease are directly linked to excessive drinking, as is liver cancer. Alcohol can cause pancreatic. This is when the pancreas becomes inflamed and doesn’t work as it should. You also have a greater risk of high blood pressure which can lead to stroke. Heart problems like coronary heart disease and the heart beating irregularly (arrhythmia) are also linked to excessive drinking. Damage to your heart muscle (cardiopulmonary) can cause it to pump blood around your body less effectively. Diet: ….. Induce hunger……

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Health Promotion & Alcohol
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