Health Promotion

Section 1: Description of activity 
Write a short but detailed description of the activity you chose for this module in this section
Section 2: Description of resources and materials used to complete activity 
Write a short detailed description of the class resources you used to complete the activity i.e. textbook and specific chapters, sections, etc., Internet resources you used to learn more about this activity i.e. library databases, Google Scholar, etc.
Section 3: Documentation of activity work 
Document what you did to complete the work required for the activity and how much time you spent approximately in whole hours (round up i.e. 2.5 hours to 3 hours). 
Section 4: Activity work inserted here 
Insert your finished product here. If you completed an advanced activity, insert interview details and summary of findings in this section. If you completed a written activity such as a rationale, article review, or other written response that was required for the activity. 
Section 5: Reflection 
Write a 250 word (approximately ½ or ¾ page) personal reflection on what you learned by completing this activity and how it relates to your learning values. 

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Health Promotion
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