Health Care Reform Research Proposal

Bailey 1 UNIV 4995 Senior Project Research Proposal September 23, 2010 Health Care Reform Benefits Everyone It feels good to be able to make a doctor’s appointment and get health screens or prescriptions as needed without the hassle of being rejected because lack of health insurance. I, unlike millions, am employed full time by a major company that has this option. A very close friend of mine, who is paralyzed from the waist down had been covered by his mother’s health insurance through her employer for many years.
Last year, she came of retirement age and the insurance company informed them that Jimmy will no longer be covered and need to seek other options. Until President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill, Jimmy was denied coverage numerous times because of his “pre-existing conditions. ” How could a country so rich, deny a person who needs medical insurance? We needed a change and this Bill was indeed the answer.
The Health Care Reform Bill is much needed and relevant to society because it will extend health care to those with pre-existing conditions like those of Jimmy’s’. It will also extend coverage to seniors and make prescriptions more available to them. The Bill will also increase the age of coverage to young adults who are currently on their parents’ policies. There are much of Americas population who are uninformed or just do not approve of the Health Care Bill.

Many may question the tax increase on citizens for Medicare or have questions Bailey 2 regarding the countries’ deficit. Some may ask, “Why is it fair to pay extra for people who smoke or people who are unhealthy? ” And finally, many republicans, rich or wealthy Americans object this bill mostly because they feel they are taxed the hardest and are punished for being wealthy. With support for research, I will address all of these issues.
With charts and data from the US Bureau of Statistics, I will retrieve information that will back facts that the Health Care Reform Bill will benefit our country more than it will hurt it. I will research articles and interviews from politicians and regular American citizens (wealthy, middle, and poor) to prove we are on the right track. Our country needs our support. I plan to visit local libraries to obtain reference information to give a more in-depth analysis on changes the bill has brought about.
With the proper support, I can identify facts that the Pro’s definitely outweigh the Con’s. I am writing to all the Americans who do not support this bill and to Americans who are not informed of how important it is. I want to shed light on this subject and hopefully answer questions of people who are sketchy about politics in general. The burning question remains “How will the Health Care Reform Bill affect me? ” My goal in this paper is to answer questions and inform “the people” that this bill will benefit us all and should be supported.

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Health Care Reform Research Proposal
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