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You were recently hired by a company that is spread over several buildings along several city blocks and uses a MAN with high bandwidth capabilities to connect all buildings. Because of heavy videoconferencing use, they have installed fiber-optic cable for media to interconnect sites on this MAN. Majority of the employees are moving constantly between the buildings to complete tasks and use handheld wireless computers that communicate to an access point attached to the MAN. You are reviewing these recent upgrades to familiarize yourself and see that there are some best practices not being implemented. Namely the telco rooms are in disarray. You see sloppy cable terminations, cables tightly wrapped around rack corners and intertwined, TIA/EIA 568 recommendations have been exceeded and there are no labels on any cables, ports or jacks. You have been told that the previous network manager just didn’t have the time to address these items due to budget and overtime limitations which you have inherited.
Write an explanation detailing what steps need to be taken to improve the conditions in the telcom rooms and why you should be permitted to have staff work overtime to correct these oversights. Describe what are the TIA/EIA 568 recommendations. What issues are associated with these types of oversights.

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