Greek Mythology Newspaper Headlines

Hello, this is the most exquisite goddess of love and beauty, here to do my beloved job of creating love. So, this week we have advice for the lovely queen of the gods as she requested, but as she would rather not have her true name revealed, she asked to be called CheatedWife1 instead. Now, CheatedWife1, you have come to me saying that your husband Zeus, king of the gods, is a cheater and is always fraternizing with other women, mortal and divine. I must say, this is quite a sad revelation! Well, my advice to you is to try to catch these consorts, and show them just who is queen of the gods and rightful consort of Zeus! That’s it for today so see you next week with another section of advice! May love find you quickly! -Aphrodite
Olympus News
This week on Olympus, we have visiting the mortal Hercules, who will be attending the company of Lady Hera, as he was summoned. Hercules has been a wonder to the mortals, and a source of revenge for the Lady Hera because her husband Zeus is his father, and she isn’t the mother. His many extraordinary feats include: slaying the Nemean Lion, slaying the Hydra, capturing the Erymanthian Boar, slaying the Stymphalian Birds, capturing the Cretan Bull, obtain the cattle of the monster Geryon, steal the apples of the Hesperides, capture and bring back Cerubus, and many more so make sure to respect this mighty hero! Mortal News

This week the mortals have been involved in yet another war, one they call the Trojan War because the opposing sides are the city of Troy and the Greeks. Troy had managed to hide behind its high and protective walls for a long while, but eventually the Greeks broke through by sending a small force in the guise of a large wooden horse that they hid inside, then from there allowed the rest of their army entry and took down Troy. It has been confirmed that divine interference was the base cause of this war, although names will not be said in order to avoid a godly war. In other news the demigod Perseus has managed to slay the hideous gorgon Medusa and take her head, a marvelous victory, for a mortal.
As many of us gods and goddesses are already aware, the Olympic Games are approaching. The mortals have made this a religious event, and will pray to us for our help, but just a reminder: we must not interfere with these games as they are dedicated to Mighty Zeus and so he has decreed such. These games started with finding a priestess for the Lady Hera, but eventually became the event that involves both the mortals and us deities.

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Greek Mythology Newspaper Headlines
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