Gothic Cathedral of Florence

This Gothic Cathedral of Florence is now becoming a great difficulty for me. If the Cathedral’s commission was given to me from the beginning of the construction, it would not have been such a pain. But this unfinished dome! Oh my God! Sometimes I get afraid if I am not able to complete it with perfection, I am not going to get even good food from the King. I sometimes wish I was not an architect I always wanted to become a musician. I could have listened to music all day long. I even though of starting up a musical school of mine but the desires of the King have led me to this place.

I do not want to get insane. I will have to take some step. Decided! I am going to buy a sheep or a goat from Frodo. I know he will sell me one of his sheep or a goat. Then I am going to make a bagpipe out of the sheep skin. These bagpipes are not available in this city. Nothing is good about this city except the food. Then I will take this bagpipe to the King and tell him that I am a musician by birth and I have changed my occupation now. But will he kill me then? Diary you tell me, you tell me, will he kill me or spare me? I do not want to die.

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Gothic Cathedral of Florence
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I am not becoming any musician. I am a good architect and will die an architect. Diary, I am now going to design the dome, a dome which has not been designed before. This will be the first dome of its type. August 30th, 1436 I am glad the dome is completed now. I do not believe that I have done it though it took very long. I am tired now I have to get some rest. I should go to some other city of Greece or Rome and leave Italy now for some time. I do not admire the dome so much as others do. I have not even gotten a chance to see it clearly myself.
God seriously I have done some hard work on the dome and I am really proud of it. I hope the dome will remain as it is now for centuries. The material used in the structure has been the best available. If war does not struck Italy, this dome will remain enact for some centuries I believe. I wish my father was alive at this moment I would celebrate this moment with him and I am sure he would be really proud of his son who helped the King in building the largest dome ever built. The King has invited me at the dinner; God knows how many presents I am going to receive from all the friends of the King.
Only this thing worries me that when will the dome be decorated with the tiles and stones that I have recommended. I hope the dome is completed in my lifetime though I do not wish to live too long in this world. And yes today I am going to thank all of the supporters who helped me in the making of the dome. Lorenzo has been very supportive as he also took over the construction when I was suffering from illness. I am getting late for the dinner now I have to wear the clothes and leave for the dinner the horse cart must have arrived.

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