Global Health Essay 2

Submit a 3 pages essay to respond to the question(s) below raised in the article. Incorporate the required reading in your essay. Use examples from additional readings to support your argument. Use recent data and examples to support your argument.    

Question: Disasters do not affect all people equally, however, all people are affected by disasters in some form or another. Some natural disasters are exacerbated by human actions. Against this backdrop, what collective measures or frameworks should be put in place to address disasters occurrences and mitigation? Was the Paris Agreement the appropriate step in the right direction? You would need to complete some basic research on the agreement.
Required reading: 
Guha-Sapir, D., Hoyois, P. and Below, R. 2016. Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2015: The Numbers and Trends. Brussels: CRED. (Chapters 1 through 3)

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Global Health Essay 2
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Additional reading:

Format: Double spaced, 12 font size on Times New Roman, APA style references and citations. 

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