Generational conflicts Presentation

What do our companies do to deal with generational differences? 3. How important is it for organizations to have training and programs on generational conflicts? 4. Please share your experience about generational conflicts in the workplace that you have encountered in the past. How did you deal with it? Summarizing group discussions – Baby boomers – Seers – Years Adviser 1: Ron Also – a freelance writer, editor, and consultant, and a former reporter and editor for the Wall Street Journal. Bosses have to get used to spending more time with their young workers. The investment should pay off in improved morale, productivity, teamwork, and innovation.
While Josh might prefer text messaging and e-mail, it is critical that he and Sarah meet face-to-face for more substantive conversations about workplace attitudes and expectations. Managers like Sarah also are finding that they need to show respect for Gene Years and encourage them even if they can’t give Gene Years what they want as fast as they want it. Advisor 2: Pamela Nicholson – president and COO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, based in SST. Louis. As a large employer of college graduates, Enterprise has taken steps to address these kinds of issues, in two important ways: training and feedback. Advisor 3: Jim Miller – the executive vice president of sales and marketing at General Tool & Supply, a distributor based in Portland, Oregon.
To work better together, Sarah and Josh both need to recalibrate their expectations. Sarah needs to take extra time to validate Josh’s ideas and help him understand what it means to be a team player. For so many Years entering the workforce, the attitude is “I’ll be a full-time freelancer, and work will be fun, fun, fun. Sarah needs to counteract that by being completely transparent with Josh about the level of performance required (a new idea needs to be fully researched) and the level of communication required (formal presentations rather than hallway chats). For his part, Josh needs to figure out how to pitch his good ideas through established channels, within the established team framework.

If he really needs to be a maverick, he can go off and start his own company, where he can follow his own business rules. Or, he can go to a different firm that has a maverick culture. Solutions to close the generation gap – Communicating information in multiple ways (oral and written, formal and informal) to address different generations’ learning styles – Collaborative decision making (co-creation) – Training managers to handle generational differences – Recognizing that all generations want to be treated with respect (source: ASCII 2013) Wrap up – represented of each generation will say what they would do to deal with conflicts and improve performance Thank you for your active and constructive participation!

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Generational conflicts Presentation
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