Generation me

We are the first generation surrounded by technology. We were the first to grow up with computers, smart phones and internet. Within two seconds of using our phones, we can get old of any information our little heart’s desire Just by typing words into Google. We are Millennial, also known as Generation Y. Born between the early asses to asses, our generation has much more confidence than the generation before us. We are smarter, confident and always connected. In fact, our generation is filled with smart adults who are open minded, hardworking and who set high goals or themselves.
Since we are technology save. “y’ and opportunity driven, our chances in employment are greater. In our employer’s eyes, our generation has the ability to communicate: respond quicker to messages and emails. According to William J. Schroeder, principle of the accelerating, the members of the Generation Y are “immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches” as we grew up with it and have been around it since are early years. The question than is, is Generation Y really connected or are we an entitled generation who can only connect with ourselves?
We are entitled at work, self-interested and we waste all of our money. Generation Y does not top other generations due to technology. What kind of future do we see for ourselves? We view the world differently and in our own way, we see success as something we can Just apply for. We enter a workforce expecting to be managers and Coos by the end of the day. We do not see ourselves as entitled but the truth is we are. Our work expectations are unrealistic and the idea of working short hours and getting paid well is something we think should happen automatically.

According to the article, “The trophy kids go to work,” “more than 85% of hiring managers and human-resource executives said they feel that millennial have a stronger sense of entitlement than older workers”. Robert Bogs, manager and administrator at Corinthian Colleges in Southern California worked with young adults under thirty on his staff. “They tend to be very self- absorbed; they value fun in their personal and their work life, because they’ve grown up multitasking on their mobile, pad and computer, I can’t expect them to work on one project for any amount of time without getting bored. Aid Mr.. Bogs. We spend the most of our day posting on Faceable, blobbing about our lunches and taking selfless while we are on the clock. Yet, we carry ourselves as hardworking, dedicated and loyal to our employers. When it comes to social media, the discussion is not a surprise. We millennial are addicted to social networking. Our self-image is very important to us, and we spend hours posting pictures and blobbing Just enough to get the most “likes. ” “81% of Millennial are on Faceable, where their generation’s median friend count is 250, far higher than that of older age groups. “Millennial in Adulthood”). We cannot even remember what the world was like without Faceable and Mainstream. “Millennial are also distinctive in how they place themselves at the center of self-created digital networks. Fully 55% have posted a “selfless” on a social media site; no other generation is nearly as inclined to do this. ” (“Millennial in Adulthood”). In all due fairness, we millennial grew up with technology around us and to be connected with the world is great. However, we forget what it is like to have a conversation face to face and make reined without pressing the “add friend” request button. When you’re face to face, you can’t control what you are going to say, and you don’t know how long it’s going to take or where it could go (Turtle). Turtle, author of “Alone Together”, asked young adults why they enjoyed text messaging over having face-to-face conversations. Turtle says: “Face-to-face interaction teaches ‘skills of negotiation’, of reading each other’s emotion, of having to face the complexity of confrontation, dealing with complex emotion. ” We are missing out on an emotional connection when we connect o our phones and computers.
Besides looking for the best places to work and hanging out with our phones, the gene Y is not the best when it comes to saving money. We simply waste it. Not thinking long term is the way of living for us millennial. We move out too early straight out of college, chasing fast money and not making the effort to save. We love spending our earnings on going out to eat instead of cooking, (l mean, who has the time to whip up three course meals every day? ), taking cabs instead of walking half a mile, unnecessary brand clothing items and of course coffee.
The latest Pew Research rover found, “Fully half of Millennial (51 %) say they do not believe there will be any money for them in the Social Security system by the time they are ready to retire. ” With all this said, we convince ourselves that all these things are necessary and as much we enjoy our Cataracts and other luxury things, we millennial don’t need them to survive. We millennial are living in the “right now’ and half of us are fighting the temptations of overspending. We are not thinking about our financial planning, but more of our social lives.
We are the “next great generation” but what do we need o accomplish before we own this title? As a millennial myself, I believe if we stay focused on our careers, work hard towards our goals, spend less time obsessing over our Mainstream salad pictures, brunch menus and Friday night wine tasting, our generation can put ourselves into a long term fulfillment. In reality, if we want to achieve the lifestyle that we are dreaming about, we have many areas of opportunities for improvement. As Millennial we are still growing and learning, and with more hard work, we can potentially be the best generation.

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