Gender, Change, and Representation in Advertising Home Appliances.

Provide a 16 pages analysis while answering the following question: Gender, Change, and Representation in Advertising Home Appliances. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The current position of British women in society is changing significantly. Justifiably, women are beginning to emulate equal and senior positions similar to men. Although women still tend to do some jobs around the house, men have joined in supplementing the domestic workforce. In particular, the law has been revolutionary in recognizing the role of women in society. In 1923, an Act relieved a wife of having proved cruelty, desertion, or another cause, which would justify adultery as grounds for divorce. Such laws have been dropped with time. Further reforms indicated women’s control over their property was confirmed on the same terms as men in 1926. Likewise, men of all classes continued with their normal jobs, while few women had a job outside the home. The contraceptive diaphragm, which was invented in 1919, became more reliable in 1932 when a contraceptive jelly was developed to go with.

With time, the successful leadership in the upper reaches of politics and the military during the war reinforced the existing social system even as power became more diffused with the advent of a genuinely democratic franchise. There no further reforms that were imposed on the House of Lords and the leadership roles in the army, politics, and empire which continued to be filled by peers. The land was now a freehold topic, where questions of equal ownership were gaining subsequent influence.

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Gender, Change, and Representation in Advertising Home Appliances.
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Equality in land ownership was accelerated by&nbsp.the aftermath of World War II and more so the evolution of the ERP program and the Marshal Plan. The Marshal plan as well carried a series of democratic ideas from the United States to Britain. As such, most large landowning families were beginning to rethink the essentiality of distributing some land to women. British had lost so many soldiers in war, this making land ownership a heavily contentious issue. This could be resolved if women were encouraged to own land as well.&nbsp.Evidence from multiple pieces of research suggests that patterns of work within the home have been relatively slow to adjust to changes in the women’s labor market.

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