Frank with Disabilities in a General Education Class.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Frank with Disabilities in a General Education Class. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is an early intervention, which prevents failure in academics by measuring the progress of such a child frequently and inducing interventions that are research based to instruct and aid children with such difficulties. Some children do not respond to such interventions, and their problem is deep-rooted in that the children could have disabilities stemming from the biological make-up (Vaughn, 2010). Unlike the discrepancy model that is common for normal children with ability, this model will be an alternative to Frank who is in need of supplementary education.

The personnel who will handle the process will be three normal classroom teachers, who will teach mathematics, a language subject, and a science subject respectively. The teachers who will handle Frank will be individuals who are highly qualified and trained adequately to implement this model. They will be individuals who understand Frank better and will be able to connect with him in order to get the required results. The selected teachers will compile a comprehensive report within a period of five weeks and will use the report to provide the child with the supplementary three-tier program. This is as recommended by Phaneuf (2008).

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Frank with Disabilities in a General Education Class.
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Accommodations and modifications will focus on changing the teaching techniques, and assessment on Frank’s progress. The accommodations the teachers will consider into the curriculum include one-on-one quizzes, group discussions with the other children, large print materials to enable Frank to see and comprehend well, colored charts, extended or shortened assignments, and assessments. They will also use pictures, animation, colors, and sounds to help Frank grasp and understand the content quickly. Some of the modifications that the teachers will consider include, changing the grading scale particularly if Frank fails to compete with the rest and introduction of special education and special education teacher in tier three if Frank utterly fails to improve.

This is the first strategy that will help identify Frank’s strengths and weaknesses. Screenings will last for a period of five weeks (Phaneuf 2008: 54). The first thing the teachers will carry out is to assess whether he requires such interventions. This will take place in a normal classroom where he will get academic surveillance.

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