Francis King “Making It All Right”

The text “Making it all right” by Francis King is written in a style of fiction. This extract is about how Mary and her husband Bob were admiring their screen, which was picked up in a little junkshop, and how they had it remounted. So at the beginning of the text we see Bob, Mary and Diana friendly speaking about their friend Iris, whom they were going to make a call. Suddenly their attention was attracted by Diana Lucas, who began to edge a six-panel gold screen out from the wall. And they saw the filth behind it. During this Bob was sitting and staring at the Chinese silk carpet.
The author describe him as a big and clumsy chap using such epithet “clumsy hands”. But Bob wasn’t going to grumble about her and he’s been with her twelve years. And he really appreciated in her the thing that she was a good cook and to show it the author uses the epithet “a lovely cook”. The clich? “on a good day” is used to show that they did not care very much about that carpet. After all they decided to call her but they did not know whether would be suitable. Besides she was on her own and seemed “utterly lost”, this metonymy which describes her in a very bad condition.
But then Diana fidgeted with the screen and their attention again was attracted by the beauty of it. To show their admiration the author uses the proverb “The gold alone is worth a fortune”. And at the end of the text we can see the remembering of that how they picked up it in a small junkshop and how it had been remounted by a little man – a real artist. After that they anyway decided to put through that call. To my mind the idea of the story is that sometimes it is possible to remount thing which are in ghastly condition.

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