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I want to propose an idea.

The idea is that our current culture is more difficult on males than it is for females.
I encourage you, and well, everyone – to take a look here –

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My Masters thesis was on the psychological development of the male psyche.  I’ve spent years in the genre of male psychology.

Men are not socialized to be emotionally intelligent. 

Think about that for a moment.
Our fathers, brothers, and any other significant male in our lives are for the most part – emotionally stunted.


Does anyone really think that at birth – males are somehow born without a full array of emotional feeling receptors?

In our text, the author (Segal & Jaffe, 2008) makes no mention of male, female, or gender.  It is my belief that this is on purpose.  It is my belief that men have an additional burden to surmount in order to become “emotionally intelligent”.

What are your thoughts on this? 300 words APA at least 1 intext citation

Segal, J., & Jaffe, J. (2008). The language of emotional intelligence : the five essential tools for building powerful and effective relationships. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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