Flashbulb Memories

Need help with my writing homework on Flashbulb Memories. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The term flashbulb memory was recently created and popularized by the research team of Brown and Kulik (1977). However, the occurrence of this uniquely intense memory recall had previously been reported over one hundred earlier by Colgrove in 1899. He observed that even thirty-four years after President Lincoln was shot, seventy-two percent of those he queried were able to give a realistic and even picturesque description of their experiences even though a great deal of time had passed. (Pennebaker, Paez, & Rimé, 1997) Similar flashbulb moments have been noted for the assassination of JFK, the Challenger disaster, etc. (Conway 1997)

While there is much debate over the subject, flashbulb memory is believed to be a separate and distinct form of recall beyond the usual recollection of daily events, lists or everyday objects and studies.

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Flashbulb Memories
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In this sense, a flashbulb memory can be metaphorically thought of as a photograph that captures the flavor of an important event or phase in one’s history. Like the photograph selected for a photo album, it does not exhaust the importance of the event or period in its totality, but it symbolizes, exemplifies, and evokes it. Because an event or phase of life can change in perceived importance, these pillars can also change: Some may erode over time, whereas others may be resurrected as a result of a revaluation of life periods. (Gaskell 1997:177-178)

Neuroscience researchers have identified three distinct operations of memory: Encoding, through which information is converted into forms that other cognitive processes can use. Storage, holding of information for later use and Retrieval, pulling up useful information (Galotti, 2004. Sternberg, 2003). Then there are also three basic forms of memory: Sensory memory, which holds limited amounts of information for brief periods of time. Short-term memory, which holds small amounts of information for somewhat longer periods of time, and Long-term memory, which is capable of storing large quantities of information for much longer periods of time. (Sternberg, 2003).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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