financial report

the company is western union. APA Style.

requirement is 
1- accounting analysis 
2- forecasting and valuation. 

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financial report
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I submit an example of amazon company to know how to do both. 

prof recommend: Also a reminder to make sure your project tells a coherent story. Please do not just list out a bunch of ratios; they must make sense in the context of your company and your demonstrated understanding of the business and recent events surrounding your company. 
In terms of accounting analysis, you should review Critical Accounting Policies of the 10-K and corresponding accounting policy footnotes corresponding to the key accounts. Then you should discuss the perceived misstatement (distortions) risks that you see arising there and tie it to the observed ratio patterns. For example, you may notice that the company’s AR turnover ratio suddenly declines as compared to prior years and/or its industry peers. This is a potential sign of collection problems or aggressive revenue recognition practices. Or you may notice that the company has reported unusually positive and prolonged quarterly growth patterns (as it recently happened with UnderArmour, for example). This may be a sign of aggressive revenue recognition. Or you may notice that the CEO is unusually optimistic about a firm’s prospects in conference calls with analysts; this may also be a red flag. Here I expect a genuine attempt at a thoughtful analysis, not just repetition of critical accounts straight from a 10-K. 

Project contains a clear discussion of how business analysis, accounting analysis as well as ratio analysis impact assumptions surrounding forecasts of future financial statements.

. Project contains well-presented forecasted financial statements (income statement and balance sheet)

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