Finally the Smoke Cleared and I Could See

Majbritt Dietrich 24/2/13 composition starting with “Finally the smoke cleared and I could see” Finally the smoke cleared and I could see what I think I’ve been looking for, for five years… I saw a small, abandoned house, which was run down and you could see dead ivy along the tattered walls.
It was a little haunting but I promised myself and my sister in law I would help find my two nieces that had made a giant mistake five years ago… He drove out here, into the middle of no where and just dropped his two daughters off in this house and left them to live by themselves, they were no older than 3 years old… He then just left and kept on driving, I’m guessing this was all planned as he then drove into a big truck at least twice the size of his car, and killed himself. We all were devastated. I walked into the house, not knowing what would expect me, I looked around and heard a noise.
I stood completely still not even daring to breathe. I heard it again, it was like a soft whispering noise, I moved my shaking head, to see patterns developing on the wall, I was totally confused. A little girl peeped her head around the old wall and ran to attack me. I knew it was one of my nieces. The first thing I had noticed was she obviously hadn’t developed the way a normal girl her age would have. I called the police and managed to stutter the address. During the mean time I was studying the forever changing patterns on the wall. The two girls were running their hands along the wall as if the wall was a person.

It was worrying me. I took pictures with my phone but when I went to look at them, the patterns that were on the wall had kind of disappeared…as if it were a ghost or a spirit, perhaps a soul stuck in the house? Either way it was scaring me. The police took a while; as the house was very difficult to find. It did take me five whole years to find it. But when the police finally were here they were as shocked as I was. They tried to catch the girls and put them in the back of the new police car, thankfully there was a cage splitting the front and back leather seats, as the girls were the complete opposite of calm.
The girls were brought into a clinic and were examined by specialists. They were totally quiet and thought bad of my brother straight away. The girls were both kept in the clinic for a couple of weeks until an old specialist said to me there was nothing more they could do and it would be a good idea if the two girls stayed with me as they knew me. So the girls were brought to my house and process was made, both girls started to speak as the recognised things they had seen before when they had visited me. My partner Denise on the other hand was a bit afraid of them, but tried to act as motherly as possible.
Both girls slept in the same room and got along fine with each other. They kept waking up at night, and spoke to the closet. It made absolutely no sense to Denise or me. One night both of us snuck up in front of their door and tried to listen to what they were saying but as soon as 1 second after we had arrived we heard a load screeching and immediately backed away and the screeching stopped. The girls ran out and screamed “you don’t know Mama, you’re not allowed to listen, she’ll get jealous! ” but Denise and I were totally freaked out and slowly closed the door again and walked back to our bedroom, totally out of energy.
The next morning Denise snuck into the girl’s room and wanted to look into the closet and she was so curious about what had happened last night. The same patterns that were on the walls in the house the girl were found in appeared on the walls of the girl’s bedroom here too. Whispering started again, the exact same whispering as in the house before too. One of the girls came in “don’t open it, Mama will get mad…” Denise started to get uncomfortable and walked back out and talked to her husband about it, the girl’s uncle.
The girls were questioned about ‘Mama’ and said that she is a spirit that appears where ever she wants and can do what she wants. She takes care of the two girls apparently, but really what she wants is to get her child back. In 1485 she was accused of being a witch and was sentenced to death. Her baby was taken from her and was burnt. All she wants is to have her baby buried and to be with her… one of the girls explained. Denise looked at her husband confused “okay… girls are you sure she’s real? ” the girls just looked at each other and said “don’t say she’s not, she really is real and will get mad if you talk bad about her! . The walls began to fill with the same patterns again and the screeching started too once again. “You made Mama mad! ”. “Okay…” Denise began to shake. “What if we burry her baby? ” the girls looked scared. The patterns began to disappear. The girls replied and said “maybe that could work…”. We walked to the woods where Mama was once burned at the stake. “Girls do you have any idea where her baby could be? ” they both shook their heads, barely moving. Denise spotted an old ruin that could maybe have been the house where Mama could have lived. We got a priest and said the ceremony that would be said at a funeral.
Patterns started fill the trees, and the ruin, they began to run along our bodies, it wasn’t a bad feeling; it was more of a thank you we thought. The two girls from then on were completely normal and were capable of going to a normal school nearby. They lived with Denise and their uncle and visited the graves of their father and mother, more their mother’s though as they couldn’t understand why their father had down that to them, but still knew there would have been a reason. But in the end they weren’t as damaged as the specialists had said, and it was only Mama who was in them.

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Finally the Smoke Cleared and I Could See
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