family health clinic.

Create a 18 pages page paper that discusses um and uc family health clinic. This system helps to generate more customer satisfaction, reliability, and safety towards the patients. EHR system also supports the automatic recording of charges and their claims with respect to patients. This also keeps appropriate records of medicines prescribed by physicians of the respective patients to avoid mistakes and confusion. EHR system also provides effective performance in the overall medical procedure of patients. Moreover, the EHR system stores all requisite records from admission to discharge of the patients to make the process of organization smooth and effective. The day-to-day requirement of every necessity whether it would be their room charges, food, medicine, treatment, and testing expenses is consistently recorded in these EHR systems. Hence it can be concluded that implementation of the EHR system in the health care industry will help to enhance medical care, safety, and services to the patients in an effective manner. This will ultimately provide a competitive advantage and profit maximization for the health care industry (Health, 2013. Carroll et al., 2012).

Evaluation EHR Infosys In The Health Care Industry To Improve The Quality Of Care, Safety, And Financial Management Decisions

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family health clinic.
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Infosys Electronic Health Record System (EHR) is an architectural design, which must be implemented by UM & UC Family Health Clinic to improve the quality of care, safety, and decisions regarding financial management. EHR delivers comprehensive health care services through electronic devices, various tools of health management, referral management, scheduling, and clinical messaging. Through the application of EHR, healthcare organizations deliver extreme quality performance towards the care and safety of patients. EHR will build transparency and accuracy in maintaining as well as storing of various medical records of patients. Due to the implementation of this system, there will be less mix of data and the data will be stored in an organized manner. This will benefit the patients as well as the organizations. The inappropriateness of various records such as the necessary medicines, food, treatment, and testing of every prospective patient will lead to a disastrous effect in the quality of care and safety, which must be provided to the patients in the healthcare.

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