Factors that Affect Public Approval of the President 44.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Factors that Affect Public Approval of the President 44. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Presidential ratings have always been high when the economy is good. When the economic indicators such as inflation and unemployment among others show positive adjustments, the public approval of the serving president has always been positive improving his ratings (Bond & Kevin, 54).

President Kennedy, for instance, had a high approval rating of 71 % at the beginning of his presidency. The rating, later on, rose to 83 percent according to the poll done in 1961 between April 2 8th and May 3rd. Analysis of this rise is linked to his greatest contribution to the rise in the US economy. When Kennedy took office, he used an executive order to ensure improvement in the economy. One way, of achieving positive change in the economy, was by ordering the acceleration of payment and refund by the federal. He tackled unemployment by ordering the federal contracts to be taken to areas experiencing high levels of unemployment. These led to upturn signs in the economy by the time he started his term. Congress also approved the bill to increase social security and the minimum wedge. His most concerns were about payment deficit to ensure American balance and dealing with inflation.

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Factors that Affect Public Approval of the President 44.
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To combat inflation, Kennedy tried as much as he could to prevent the rise in steel prices. His efforts, in preventing that rise, were critical since was considered as one of the significant raw materials important in the manufacturing of many products. To ensure that the wedge bill didn’t go highest, he persuaded the labor negotiators to accept small pension contributions and not to push further wedge increment. Another trick used by Kenned to improve the economy was speaking out and making positive statements about business. In so doing, he brought ease to the tension that existed in the business community.&nbsp. His last success was in 1962 when he set ensuring economic growth as the highest priority. He proposed a tax cut and the bill was presented to congress. Despite the opposition to the bill by many Congress leaders, Kennedy lobbied and kept pushing the bill.

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