Experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The results will be viewed on an oscilloscope screen showing the TTL signals generated from the output terminal that will show the outcome of changing the frequency of the signal information. The LED transmitters provide data source encoding for the fiber channel. The implications of this experiment will deliver and demonstrate the resultant effects of varying the intensity of the LED source. The transmission involves light of limited wavelength as low as between 400-700nm. The periodic signal generation is essential for implanting the on-off keying to deploy fiber optical communication.

Any typical optical fiber communication system contains a transmitter, an optic fiber cable, a receiver, and a power supply balance between the source and destination. This project will study how the modulation of the signal frequency will affect the strength of the signal received and viewed on the oscilloscope. The internal of a fiber optic is usually made up of high-quality silica glass meant to refract light information sent from a transmitter to a receiver for decoding.

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Experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission
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This wavelength properties of light transmitted are dependent on the fiber optic channel. The speed of the light within the optic fiber medium can be measured by looking at the refractive index of the fiber medium. This is represented in the ratio formula by comparing the speed of light in the material over the speed of light in a vacuum environment (2).

Represent the angles of refraction and incidence at the boundary of the two materials while the n1 and n2 represent the refractive indices of the materials through which the light passes. Decisively, if the light is propagated through a material that has a high refractive index to another that has a low refractive index, then the angle of refraction is usually 90º where the critical angle is.

This is the critical angle of incidence, beyond which if the light intensity exceeds between the two materials, then the light is totally internally reflected. Henceforth, optical fiber communication.&nbsp.

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