Experiential Learning ( follow the responds guided)

 Guided Response: Respond to my peer posts by comparing your own experience with theirs. Suggest additional ways experiential learning be effective. 

Kim Spiegel
The game I chose was jackpot worlds.

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Experiential Learning ( follow the responds guided)
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What types of learning outcomes can be achieved through playing the game?

Students learn to spell words and then get rewarded for the hard work.  Students learn how to spell which will help them with reading and writing, and they also learn to improve their memory skills as they try to remember how to spell words.  They can also unlock more levels by playing and they can win treasure.  The game also allows students to compete against each other or work as a team which helps to promote collaboration.

Are there particular academic disciplines where the game and/or simulation would be most effective? What about particular learning styles?

I think this game would be great for improving reading and writing skills primarily in English.  I also think the visual representation with the graphics would help students who learn better visually.  It could also help ELS students because the pictures show students what they need to do which helps them correlate the words to the actions.    

What support is needed by faculty to integrate the game and/or simulation in their course?

The faculty would need to have computers set up with this program for students to use it.  Students will also need headphones or ear buds so students do not disrupt other students.  This game is a touch screen so the faculty will need to make sure they have that kind of software available.  

Did you learn anything?

I learned that playing a game does not feel like learning, and yet it is.  The graphics kept me engaged and wanting to play more.  The idea of treasure and unlocking new levels made me want to continue to play, and I think this could be a really great tool to use in the classroom.

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