Executive reading Analysis on Radical Candor by KIM Scott

Executive Readings Analysis Guidelines
The purpose of the Executive Readings Analysis is to provide you an opportunity to articulate what you have learned from reading the Radical Candor book by Kim Scott. It also reinforces the importance of applying what we read and learn to our own circumstances. The completed analysis paper must be turned in on or before May 14, 2019. The specific guidelines for the analysis (50 points possible) are detailed below.
You must complete a 3-page (typed in 1.5 spaced 12-point Times Roman font) paper (To be fair and consistent, I won’t read beyond three pages). The 3-page limit excludes the title page. The analysis paper must have the following components (point values for each component are given in parentheses):
Title Page  Provide a creative title page; the title itself should also be creative. (4 points)
Key Insights  Discuss and analyze the three most important ideas that you learned from the book. For each of these key insights, provide your rationale (including direct quotes from the book). (12 points)
Critical Analysis  Provide a critical analysis of the Radical Candor book. With what points did you disagree? What was missing from the book? If you were an editor at Penguin (the book’s publisher), what one suggestion would you make to the author to improve the book? (12 points) 
Applications  Identify and discuss three applications from the ideas in this book, related to either your professional or personal circumstances. How will you use the ideas presented in Radical Candor to improve your leadership or aspects of your career or life? (12 points)
Written Quality Includes grammatical quality (spelling, organization, punctuation), and written appearance (professional format, section headings) of the paper. (10 points)

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Executive reading Analysis on Radical Candor by KIM Scott
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