Ethical Responsibility of the Possession of Knowledge

I will pay for the following article Ethical Responsibility of the Possession of Knowledge. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In defining our responsibility for how we apply our knowledge we will examine Einstein’s discovery of the first explosive’s and how that knowledge was applied can be evaluated ethically by any one person with a different response. Was Einstein applying his knowledge of atomic energy in such a way as to ensure responsible use of that knowledge once released? Were others easily able to take advantage of this discovery in ways considered unethical by the general public? Were these discoveries expanded on constantly in order to make this knowledge and ability available to those unqualified to ethically use this knowledge?

The Blank Slate theory suggests that we are born without personality traits or tendencies or factors of heredity. When applying knowledge to this theory experience and reason tell us otherwise. Many famous philosophers and theorist proposed that all of one’s inner being and self was entirely created by the exterior environment. This theory was proven wrong over a continuum of times as genes were expressed, hereditary factors were evident and some individuals were born with a propensity to one area over another despite exact external influences (Andrews: 2010). Though the use of this theory was ethical at one time it would no longer be ethical to apply this belief as true knowledge when reason and experience have proven otherwise.

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Ethical Responsibility of the Possession of Knowledge
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Cold Fusion is another area that was based initially on theory though once applied with reason and experience this theory of knowledge became belief which was unfounded. Theory of cold fusion suggested that a nuclear reaction could occur at room temperature and that energy could then be created without the waste associated with nuclear power plants. This theory was proven wrong when other scientists tried to replicate these findings and could not. Despite that it has been argued there is nothing wrong with the theory of cold fusion. simply put new ways have been achieved in order to create atomic energy.

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