Essay about Gender and Family

Nowadays in today’s civilization there are a lot more youths that are committing delinquent crimes. The juvenile justice system’s officials are continuously trying to find resources as to what causes an youth to turn out to be delinquent and fall down hill into a bad lifestyle. It is very expected that adolescents will become juvenile delinquents if there’s not enough structure given to them from their families or their inner feelings or pride of their specific gender.
There are so many different variables that are concentrated on the important of adolescents into delinquency like family function, disorders, two parent households and different genders. Inheritance plays a big role mostly because of all the environmental sources. Family can affect delinquency mainly if the economics influence for low-income housing and where the residences reside in a poorly appealing neighborhood where there is high crime. Family makeup affects delinquency because when there’s a big family it has a larger attraction of the low-income is coming in the household.
The families behavior also plays a role because if you decide to sell drugs to make a escape from not having enough to cover bills or from reality or family members trying to find a easy way out from the obligation through the bad activities rather than focusing for the kids receiving the proper education to be able to get a good job. Parent(s) needs to take a positive roll for their children’s life, not ignoring the children’s, belittling your kids, belittling your spouse and being very abusive.

When having a healthy family by giving your kids responsibilities such as chores and if the chores are not done then there will be consequences for nothing being done from what was told. There are also other boundaries to follow. The children know what there is to expect from you. The children are surrounded by a whole lot of support and love and they all feel secured with approaching to the parents to talk about any issues that’s occurring or admitting to problems they are into.
There are differences the way males and females socialize and affect their growth (Siegel & Welsh, 2006). The gender difference that’s related to delinquencies includes social status. A status offense is only declared an act to be an offense if it was committed by a juvenile and decided in a juvenile court system (Status offense, 2002). One of the places that others can see both genders being disobedient is at shopping malls, but there are other places as well. This is where the females can be loud, adventurous, rough, trying risky activities and daring.
Males are far more having a hostile attitude than females and few of the time spent within the relationships with the opposite sex. Males are creating a bond with the existing criminal male friends. Females are very different from males. The differences are the amount of persecution they have encountered in their childhood lives. Approximately 80% of females that’s in the juvenile justice system have numerous of histories of sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse comparing to the rate of 20% of the teenage females that are in the general civilization.
A lot of these females that are put in the juvenile justice system are the ones that never had any love at home, abused by family and friends, non effective parent role models, lack of communication, no discipline. A lot of these girls then run away from home to find love and affection elsewhere and it ends up being men in the streets. And to survive in the streets prostitution then comes into play. The females that commit juvenile offenses have important calming needs. But the family hasn’t seen the needs and it’s not being noticed and or treated in the juvenile justice system.
Few of the females that are in the juvenile justice system have mother and father or close sibling that has been or are incarcerated. Having a bad home environment give the greatest opportunity to engage to violent or bad behavior relationships with family members, friends and possible mates. All of it would’ve been prevented if the children were engaged closer with the parents and receiving all the love and affection. Most of the youth females tend to become pregnant in an early age and sometimes it is done for attention.

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Essay about Gender and Family
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