Essay about Discussion

Organizational management is a variety of tools and assets that must be managed well in order to be successful. Patients are our number one stakeholder in health care and health care is a business that requires a strategic mindset to steer a health care facility not only in profitability but also in innovation to keep up with new medicines and technology.
Having a strategic mindset not only look at the present but also looks at the past for mistakes that as a health care manager can learn from to ensure those stakes will not happen again, but also looks abroad to the competition and future projects which can bolster opportunities to capture more patients for the facility. The key elements of organizational strategy, according to Patrice Spats and Stanley Abraham IS, ” It requires identifying who its competitors are and how it might best them. It means accurately identifying its consumers and knowing what they want.
It entails determining whether it can produce the kinds of services consumers want to buy, whether it has the people and organizational structure to make it all happen, and, most important, how to make a profit when all is said and done. “(Spats, & Abraham, 2013, peg. 1. 4) These key elements are in direct relationship with a strategic mindset because these are the blueprint to be successful in healthcare. Profits is a key element at the end of the day is what matters, yes we want to cure diseases and help as many people as we can but if you have no money to find those initiatives than unfortunately you will become bankrupt.

Everybody has the capacity to learn traits to become a successful health care manager but you have to have the motivation and drive to learn these traits. There are many resources to help and guide you to develop a strategic mind but you have to be motivated to take the time and learn and develop those traits.

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Essay about Discussion
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