Essay 4

 Analyzing a Short Story- The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
Intro- 5 to 8 line and thesis = what you think is the major theme of the story at end of the intro just a one sentence. 
Plot- What is the plot? (2-3 lines summary)
Understandable or too complex?
Too fast/slow? Appropriate? 
Characters-  Indentify major character(s)
Descriptions of major characters; must have at least one physical description and one personality description for each major character
Stereotypes and break in stereotypes of major characters
 Setting-   Geographical (city/state/country)
Time period (year/time of year/day/time of day)Specific (house/village, etc)
Cultural (any prevailing social/ political /religious conditions that affect/ influence the story ) 
 Narrator-  Is it internal (one of the characters in the story)Or is it external (someone outside the story)Which do you prefer and why?
 Images/Symbols-  Images or symbols used (must have at least one human and one non-human) Must explain what each one symbolizes.
 Theme/Message-  What is the main message of the story? Explain how you arrived at your answer.
 Conclusion (1 Para, exactly 10 lines)  
Length: 4 pages (not counting Works Cited)
Length starts with first word of intro para (NOT top of first page)
Make sure on each full page you have 23 lines total; otherwise, you will have to make up those lines on the last page to meet the minimum length requirement
must be original writing and no plagiarism and cannot use any other website then the short story that is provided. sample of essay example provided below. 

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Essay 4
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