Essay 3-4 pages For SuperGeek

Develop and introduce an innovative strategy to help propel an organization or department to a higher level. The first step is to identify your idea for change to propel the company forward. Focus on one idea. Next you will research references that can help support your idea. Next step is to discuss why this idea is important for change. The next step is you will propose the actual steps you recommend taking to effectively implement your idea. Finally, you will identify what leadership traits will be necessary to effectively implement your idea. The essay must be 3-4 pages in length. You must submit the following for references: minimum of 5 references less than 5 years since publication. Wikipedia or dictionary websites are not acceptable references. This assignment requires appropriate spelling, grammar, use of the current APA format and APA style of writing. 
All submissions must use the following subheadings in the paper.
1. Specific Idea for change
2. Why this Idea is important for change
3. Steps/ Strategies to implement Idea for change
(include time frames for implementing the idea)
4.Leadership Traits Necessary to implement Idea

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Essay 3-4 pages For SuperGeek
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