Assignment #1  
Note- USE IRAC format for your case brief
Brief the Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., 248 N.Y. 339, 162 N. E.99 (1928)  case on Page 128 of your textbook (Example of an IRAC case brief is in Appendix A)
Correct citations are mandatory in all of your written assignments. If you are citing a legal resource, such as a case, use the proper legal citations and if a non-legal source, then use APA citation format. See Blackboard resources listed for APA citation information.
IRAC Case Brief Information
We have practiced briefing cases in class. When you prepare a written IRAC brief here is what you are describing about the case.
At the top is the name of the case and its citation. You want the name of the case and cite for the appellate court it is in (that is the case you are briefing)
Facts: A very short and succinct description of the pertinent facts of the case.  
Issue: The legal question before the appellate court in the case you are briefing.  
Rule: The legal rule the lower court applied in making its decision about the case in that lower court.
Analysis: How the appellate court, in the case you are briefing, analyzed the case in that appellate court.
What was the legal decision the appellate court reached? (Don’t describe procedure-like reversed and remanded-that is procedure, not the decision about the legal issue)this will relate back to the legal issue before the court.
That is it. Be sure you put your name on the IRAC brief you prepare for the Palsgraf case that is posted above.

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