Essay # 1 – English 102

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Essay # 1 – English 102

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Essay # 1 – English 102
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        Your first essay is an extension of the work you did in class. For this essay you will discuss if the author of one of the following works agrees or disagrees with any element (what the character says, what the character does, what the character thinks, how the character reacts) of either the Grandfather, or the Narrator of “Battle Royale.” You may choose one of the follow works to agree or disagree with either the Narrator or the Grandfather in “Invisible Man” —“Non-Violence-the Greatest Force” by Mohandas Ghandi; “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglas;  or “No Named Woman” by Maxine Hong Kingston.


You must have a 5 paragraph essay. You must have an introduction paragraph that starts general and becomes specific. Please do not use any background information in your introduction paragraph unless you are willing to cite it. Start your essay with a hook. You must end your introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly identifies all elements of the question.

You must have 3 body paragraphs, each dealing with a different aspect of the thesis. You could have that the author of the non-fiction, Gandhi, Douglas, or Kingston, agrees with three different things, or one thing for three reasons. You may also argue that the non-fiction author agrees with 1, or 2 things the character did, but disagrees with 1 or 2. The difference must be clear. Your body paragraphs must be unified, coherent and developed. Each body paragraph must use at least one quote from each source that you have chosen. You may not begin or end the body paragraph with a quote and you must use the quote sandwich. You must start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that refers to the elements in your thesis. You must end with a conclusion paragraph that leave the reader with something to think about.


You must use academic voice. Do not use first or second person pronouns. Do not use envelop statements.  You must incorporate your quotes properly. You may not drop in quotes.


You must follow MLA format, include a creative title, double space the essay, use Times New Roman 12 point font. You MUST submit this essay on blackboard in a readable format.

The paper will be due Nov 11, 2020.

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