ESSAY #1 – Comparison Contrast Essay FIRST DRAFT

Please TYPE the FIRST DRAFT of your Comparison/Contrast Essay and SUBMIT it on CANVAS by 11:59 PM on SUNDAY, MAY 3.
Your FIRST DRAFT should only be about 4 PARAGRAPHS, including your THESIS STATEMENT and 3 BODY PARAGRAPHS. You do not need to include a hook in your Introduction or a Conclusion. (We will be adding those next week for your Final Draft) 🙂

Your essay should have the following 4 paragraphs:
  I. An Introductory Paragraph, including:
A Thesis Statement: Describing how the two articles are similar and different.
 II. Three Body Paragraphs:

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ESSAY #1 – Comparison Contrast Essay FIRST DRAFT
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Explaining each of the similarities and differences mentioned in your Thesis Statement and giving detailed descriptions and examples.
              (ONE PARAGRAPH = Topic Sentence + at least 1-2 sentences of description and examples about EACH ARTICLE. So, 5-6 SENTENCES PER PARAGRAPH).

Please use the following format for your typed essay:
   1. A 12-POINT FONT size
   2. ONE-INCH MARGINS (on Top, Bottom, and Sides)
   3. Your NAME, the CLASS NAME, and the DATE in the upper right-hand corner (SINGLE-SPACED)
   4. A TITLE in the CENTER of the page (Bold, Underlined, or both)
   5. INDENT the First Sentence of EACH PARAGRAPH (5 SPACES or TAB)
   6. Make sure YOUR 4 PARAGRAPHS  (below the Title) are DOUBLE-SPACED

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