Environmental Ethics as a Branch of Environmental Philosophy

Need help with my writing homework on Environmental Ethics as a Branch of Environmental Philosophy. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Critical factor entails the right of humans in preventing the extinction of endangered species without harming the existence of the human race. Propagation of certain species is equally a daunting task because it controls human consumption when expanding life.

According to Palmer’s view concerning environmental ethics, there are certain pertinent approaches or perspectives that are worth noting. However, it is essential to define environmental ethics as the protection of the habit under a philosophy that transcends the boundaries of humans. Therefore, the identifying perspectives, I believe conservation of space environment is the most instrumental step to expand the life and secure meaningful existence. It is because diverse authors profess different alternatives such as the libertarian extension that has a civil liberty approach to it when dealing with the environment. According to its main advocate, Andrew Brennan, giving animals an ecological feeling is one of the fundamental methods of protection ontological species (Pojman & Pojman, 2012). The views echo Palmer’s whereby an ecologic humanism is integrated into safeguarding the flora and fauna found within the human surrounding. The approach symbolizes a deep ecology supported by most authors including Peter Singer who attest that connecting an intrinsic value with the environment is a vital step to support ecologic extension. Alan Marshall is equally attached to the ecologic extension because his perspective values the fundamental interdependence of most biological entities instead of human rights. Consequently, he adopts a scientific reflection of understanding the natural world as opposed to the political reflection noted in the Libertarian Extension. Alternatively, in conservation ethics, the usefulness and utility of the environment to humans is accorded a higher value.

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Environmental Ethics as a Branch of Environmental Philosophy
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