English Proposal Assignment (2 hours Deadline)

In this major assignment, you are tasked with describing and analyzing the membership of a specific digital community or subculture in order to be able to write a post or other text that would fit into the discourse of the community. How is language use and communication in this context shaped by the community, its purposes, and its goals? What “unwritten rules” exist in this space? How does this affect the group’s purpose and how members interact with each other? You may think about your own membership in a digital community- how is your language use in this context shaped by your audience? How does conforming/not conforming reinforce or otherwise affect a member’s role? 
You need to accurately describe this community so that it is clear to your reader.
In this assignment, you will write a 2-page proposal exploring the purpose, audience, conventions, style, tone, stance, and design of your particular digital community. You should consider all aspects of this community; for example, if members often use visual elements (memes, gifs, etc.) include analysis of those aspects.
Then, you will compose a text that would fit into the community, given what you learned in your analysis of the community. In order for me to understand your finished text and its level of success, your proposal is vital. Essentially, your proposal will outline the criteria for evaluating your chosen type of writing in your digital community, and you will be graded using that criteria. This means your proposal must clearly analyze your chosen community and its conventions.
Possible options (there are many more): 
· A particular subreddit
· Online gaming
· Social media- Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc 
· Wikis
· Fan fiction
The options are endless. Select a digital community that matters to you so you’ll have a better chance of establishing that community’s criteria and then meeting that criteria in your finished text. Once you have chosen your community, you should think about elements from Units 1 and 2 (literacy and rhetorical analysis)- what literacies do members of this community need to develop in order to interact effectively and complete their purposes? How are these interactions expressed? You should think about:
· The conventions in this community – Written or spoken? Both? Images and words? What is the tone? If it changes, how so?
· The context – Who is this community for? Where is it located? When? How? Why?
· The appeals presented – Ethos, Logos, Pathos
Two page proposal (60%) 

MLA, 12pt. Times New Roman double-spaced 
(Any proposals not following these directions will not receive points for this task.)

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English Proposal Assignment (2 hours Deadline)
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Clearly establish your community’s purpose, audience, conventions, style, tone, stance, and design. You may consider the use of visual elements (memes, gifs, etc.)/audio elements. What are the expectations of this community? How does one successfully insert oneself into this community? What is necessary to create a successful and well-received text within this forum? Likewise, you should outline what is not acceptable (this should also help me understand what “rules” you are following in your own textual product.

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