english 1302

This week, we begin the transition to our argument essays in earnest by reviewing some basic structure and cohesion strategies, as well as taking a close look at thesis statements and organization. 
Learning Outcomes Addressed
Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes.
Write in a style that clearly communicates meaning, builds credibility, or inspires action.


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english 1302
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For this assignment, you’re going to follow the web link I’ve attached below and use your topic with the Thesis Generator to create a thesis statement for your next rhetorical project. 
In order to do that, you’re going to need to review the information you’ve gathered about your topic thus far and decide on your stance on the issue, as well as clear reasons you’ve taken that stance. You might advocate for one particular solution to a problem you’ve discovered, or you might argue for legislation or policy combating the issue. There are numerous ways to approach this.
Once you’ve decided on your stance and the evidence you’re going to use to support your stance, fill out the Thesis Generator–every field, in full, leave nothing empty–and copy the sentence it generates. Edit the sentence so that it makes perfect grammatical and syntactical sense, and make sure it expresses an argumentative stance you can prove with your research.
That’s your thesis statement. Submit a Word document containing that statement–nothing else, just your name and the thesis statement–and the assignment will be complete.


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