Engineers Need to Know About Economics

Title of presentation Engineering students should learn economics. I chose this topic because it related directly to my audience whom are mostly engineering students. Audience Knowledge level of audience My audience and I will graduated in a few years and the topic that I will deliver closely linked to my audience. Every student should aware about their challenges that they will face in the future. I hope the speech that I will convey could give some basic preparation in the future especially in managing their wealth and for preparation to start a business.
How I plan to gain the audience’s attention I would like to start the presentation by sharing the statistic of bankruptcy in Malaysia due to poor managing the wealth. Mostly, the fresh graduates encounter this problem because they want to have luxury car and home at young age. Presentation 1) Introduction Purpose and importance of this topic To persuade my audience especially engineering students that they should prepare themselves with economic skills because they need both to become good engineer. Great ideas of engineering but do not have money to implement is a failure.
How the topic relevant to the audience In the modern world of today filled with the latest technology one can ever dream of, competing with others to have a good qualification in education is not an unusual phenomena. Having just engineering based knowledge is not enough to become a good engineer. It is because money is one of important factor in completing a project. Furthermore, fresh graduates also need to manage their wealth well since a lot of graduates facing problem because lack of information about the loans that they have made. Thesis statement:

Engineers students should prepared themselves with economic empowerment so that they could manage their wealth, help them in starting their own business or during managerial period. Main points: * Economics is important in helping fresh graduates to manage their money well. * To prepare engineers before they get promotion as a manager. * Engineering graduates need good economics skills to start their own business. Establish credibility In this semester, I am taking Engineering Economics & Entrepreneurship course. This course were related to this topic.
I also have read and researched that engineers need more than engineering based knowledge to a job in today’s world. Apart from that, many of my seniors, acquaintances have shared their experience that having a good managing money for ourselves or for company is important for working in comfort. 2) Body Organisational pattern I will use problem-cause- solution order as my organizational pattern for this presentation. Many graduates faced financial problems such as loans from bank and after that I will shared the solution to the audience.
Supporting ideas for each main point. * Economics is important in helping fresh graduates manage their money well. * Of more than 1. 7 Million bankrupts in Malaysia, there are more than 90,000 civil servants of the Malaysian government that are made bankrupt just because they failed to pay on their car loans or being a guarantor to one. * Fresh graduates should be equipped with economics so that they know where to invest their money and helping them in making decision during making loans to buy a car or house. To prepare engineers before they get promotion as a manager. * Manage cash flow well is one of the important duty of a manager. * To become a good manager of company, engineering graduates need both engineering and business skills to avoid them from be tricked. * Engineering graduates need good economics and business skills to start their own company. * Engineering graduates need both engineering specialties and good managing the money to have a competent business. * The number of unemployed persons in this country rose to around 402,300 in July from 388,500 in June.
If engineering graduates were thought how to make money from the engineering skills that they already learnt, they will have confident to start their own company and directly will decrease the number of unemployment. Transition from one point to next point I will ensure that there is coherent transition from one main point to the next main point by mentioning the order of the main points at the beginning of the presentation. In addition, to enhance the understanding about the topic, I will use linkers in my presentation such as “furthermore”, “in addition”, and “on top of that”.
Summaries each point I will repeat the problem that fresh graduate will face in the future and the solutions that could help them. By doing that, audience could remember the main issue in each point. The audience should remember that managing wealth is important to live happily in future. 3) Conclusion Summaries of entire presentation I will summaries the entire presentation by recalled my audience with all the main points that I already presented. Every problem and solutions will be repeated so that my audience will remember what my speech is all about until the end of the speech.
I will show great some entrepreneurs that have both specialties in engineering and business. Describe on reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole presentation to relate to your audience. I will reiterate this presentation to my audience by explaining to them that there is very important for us to start changing the myths that the knowledge that were thought in university right know are enough. It is because everyone including engineering student should well prepared themselves with basic economic skills. Q&A session
Questions that I anticipate from the audience * What type of knowledge that student should prepared? * What type of challenges that students will face in the future? Practice session How did I practice my speech? * I practice my speech mostly in my room roughly about 10 times. Sometimes I also practice in front my friends. Area of my speech needed improvement * I need improvement in delivery especially in pronunciation. Time limit Without consider the environmental effect that I will have during the presentation, from the practices, I managed to stay within the time limit.

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