Engineering with Ethics.

I will pay for the following article Engineering with Ethics. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The first matter of ethics in my profession will be accuracy and strictness to the engineering calculations and procedures for carrying out tasks. This will imply that it will be my duty as an engineer to be very faithful in following the steps required in engineering acquired in training. I will be faithful in using the knowledge that is relevant in engineering, such as conducting proper and accurate calculations for engineering estimates. Accuracy in engineering is critical because as professional adequate attention and precision lead to the production of the best solutions for engineering problems. On the other hand, unethical behaviours include carelessness and wrong calculations. These unethical issues are the issues I will stay away from. Such evil actions in engineering lead to the production of inferior engineering products and unsafe products for use. Such products can cause accidents, issues of death and threatening injuries.

&nbsp.Good professional ethics that I will follow also involve acting with all honesty about the things that I am qualified to do as an engineer and not accepting to work in areas of engineering where I am not skilled in or competent enough in. Honesty also covers avoiding to falsely taking more money from clients by quoting too much for products and services. Taking money which is not proper from clients is unethical, and I will not do that. I will avoid working in projects that I see myself not able to provide the best and safe quality products. Temptations for doing work in areas where people do not have enough required skills are always brought by love for money and making money the priority of work. For example, when a company has a project that pays a lot of money, many engineers may be tempted to work in that project even though their skills do not match the requirements for that work. This has a significant risk of the engineers making mistakes because of lack of enough competencies, and they may not know the major mistakes to avoid. This might lead to massive and destructive disasters. In my professional work, I will avoid such errors.

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