Employee Management Plan

Running head: EMPLOYEE PORTFOLIO: MANAGEMENT PLAN Employee Portfolio: Management Plan MGT/311 Organizational Development University of Phoenix Riordan Manufacturing has implemented a management plan that will assess employees’ characteristics. By assessing their characteristics, the organization will know how to use their characteristics to make the organization more successful. The company has asked three employees to complete self-assessments about job satisfaction.
The assessments will ultimately allow management to discover characteristics of the employees and determine how these characteristics will affect Riordan Manufacturing in the future. Self-assessments give an employee the opportunity to provide a narrative description of their major accomplishments, job satisfaction, emotional influence and how they make decisions related to their performance. In a self? assessment, the employee can describe their major contributions and how they accomplished or did not accomplish their performance expectations.
After a thorough analysis of the self-assessments, additional recommendations will be presented to assist Riordan Manufacturing gain a better perspective on the management and motivation that these employees will need in order to succeed. The participants in the Riordan Manufacturing self-assessments were Catrina Toth, Kyle Rogers, and Paul Holliday. The following self-assessments were administered to the employees: How Satisfied Am I with My Job, Am I Engaged, How Are You Feeling Right Now, What’s My Affect Intensity, What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score, and Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker?

Management will use these assessments to identify the areas in which they scored high and low and create a plan based on the areas that mostly need more engagement. Catrina’s self-assessments indicate a job satisfaction rating at an average. She is satisfied with her job but not really engaged, is a deliberate decision maker, and exhibits positive emotions. Kyle has an above average rating in most areas; he is very satisfied with his job and is engaged in his work, exhibits an average score on deliberate decision-making and demonstrates positive emotions.
Paul demonstrates a high score in job satisfaction, is a deliberate decision maker and also exhibits positive emotions on his self-assessments. The efficiency of the company is directly affected when employees are satisfied with their job and position held. An employee with a high level of job satisfaction feels more positive about his or her job and will continue to be a productive member of the company. Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is the general attitude one holds about a job, which can dramatically affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Companies with satisfied employees tend to reduce the levels of absenteeism and turnover rate. Employees with low levels of job satisfaction experience negative attitudes about their jobs, tend to have a high absenteeism rates, leave the organization, or engage in deviant behaviors that negatively affect the organization and other employees.
The self-assessment results reveal that employees at Riordan Manufacturing exhibit positive behaviors influencing other employees in the workplace. Employee Engagement The employees’ engagement indicates their involvement and enthusiasm for their work (Robbins & Judge, 2011). All three of the self-assessed employees are highly satisfied with their jobs, are committed to their responsibilities, and motivated. Dedicated employees commit more time to their work, are a positive influence on others, and perform at higher levels than expected.
Self-Assessment Recommendations Management at Riordan Manufacturing recommends additional assessments to conclude what is their job satisfaction level. Understanding these factors would describe a positive feeling about a job. It is important to understand what provides positive feelings and low-level negative feelings. Also management recommends more job involvement because this would enhance the level of attitude toward the assigned tasks and duties.
It is important to be involved because management can identify strengths and show that company cares about the kind of work employees do. The recommendation of additional assessments will provide both the employees and managers with additional information on each personality to implement better managerial techniques. Based on those results, managers will develop management plans to encourage and mentor employee success. References Robbins, S. P. , & Judge, T. A. (2011). Organizational behavior (14th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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