Employee led innovation

Nevertheless, thanks for our work on mistakes we started to see obvious the inns today; we can ;t be successful when only one leader is thinking but we can look at the robber from different perspectives and find an appropriate solution when we are discussing it collaboratively. Therefore, the contribution of everyone is essential. Personally, I think that if employees would get enough right to tell their positions and to present new ideas, big corporations could achieve better goals in the end.
In my country- Astrakhan and specifically in the regions of post-Soviet countries as Russia, Ukraine or Beleaguers employees are not treated as intellectual people and because of that fact, we have a big coordination among working and ruling class. That problem among employee and employer led to the ineffective work of whole company s workers. Good example of using the idea of employee led innovation is the system of Google workers. They are provided with freedom of action and do not restricted in their workplace.
The main aim of Google Corporation is to provide comfortable conditions for their workers, so they II be able to use their time properly and the work will be effective. The good side of providing such workplace for employees is that they have a freedom and by appropriate time-management, they are able to work effectively on their big projects, and also they are open to new ideas, which can be presented to administration, thanks for what Google looks at the problems from different perspectives fixing every mistake in their search tool, finding the right way to increase audience etc.

Furthermore, employees work directly with product and method of its production. It can be different product: informational, engineer or just simple production of food. Administration and leaders look only at result, which was achieved by the company, but they are not well informed about how the company is working inside and what problems does it have. Important thing to mention here is that leader only knows facts that was presented to him and even if he has some information about overspending on production, he could ;t look at that problem as professional as employee, who actually works on production of those products.
In this case, leaders should to work as filters, choosing the best solution and employees should to present problem and show the solution as they are more informed and experienced in this field. In other hand, cultural intent should be mentioned as it plays a major role on how employee works. Referring to my country, we have strict rules at most of governmental and business workplaces, because from the times of the Soviet Union population of Astrakhan were used to make their best only when failure led to punishment of the worker.
Even living in democratic country, direct and fast reconstruction to employee led innovation is not possible as it leads to problems of workers as laziness and procrastination. That s the reason why most of national and private companies still don t give full freedom of action ND speech to employees, because before we need to have a good base and experience in this field.
Overall, employee led innovation is becoming popular in nowadays as companies see the profit from that system of working. It provides workers with more critical and analytical thinking participating in company’s life and giving a chance to improve the sphere, where they are good. However, before the start of process employers should to prepare their workers mentally, so they ‘II be able to work using that system with maximum effectiveness and profit.

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