Efeects on Moving to Another State

Shanell Broussard J. Davis English 090, 4206 03 April 2013 Effects on moving to another state Moving can be all sorts of things. It can be fun to most; or a worst nightmare. Sometimes moves are forced due to certain situations, such as new job or trouble in home. No matter what the reason; moving to another state for anybody is somewhat difficult. I moved from New York to North Carolina a year ago. I decided to move with my grandmother until I can get on my feet.
For me, the specific effects of moving from one state to another were, meeting new people, starting over and emotions. The first significant effect of moving from one state to another for me was meeting new people. Making new friends is not easy, because I am not a gregarious person; which can be a detriment for me. Plus in today’s society I can not trust everybody. Me being from New York, people tend to judge me. They may think I have a nasty attitude or that I think I am better than them; because of where I come from.
So when I am out in the public I do try and communicate with others; once I have held a conversation with someone and tell them that I am from New York; they seem surprise, because they heard of northern people being arrogant and rude. Which sometimes get annoying, I feel like I have to put forth extra when trying to get to know someone; I want people to build their own opinion about who I am and not what they heard. I want them to see that there are some good people up north. After a few days I started being more confident in talking to people.

The second significant effect of moving from one state to another is starting over in looking for a decent neighborhood, to raise my children. Not knowing which areas were good or bad; made the decision difficult for me. Finding the right neighborhood was not my only issue; finding the right apartment was not easy either. The area would have to be kid friendly, a community park and pool would be nice. I have to be sure if it is the place for me, for I do not plan on moving no time soon. Once that is done, I can move on to my next step; which is finding the right daycare for my children to attend.
Just like the doctor issue; it is somewhat similar. I have to really do my research for daycares; I am very nervous about leaving my children with someone I practically know. With younger kids that are unable to communicate the situation is harder to deal with. There are things that I have to look for; such as, the cleanliness of the area, how well do the other assistants interact with the children and so forth. The third significant effect of moving from one state to another was the emotions of the love ones around me. With the big move came a lot of stress.
Having to deal with the move, looking for the right daycare and doctors; was not a very easy thing. But what really affected me, is when I knew I was leaving behind all my family and friends. People I known all my life were not going to be there anymore. The children also showed signs that the move had affected them. They were moody than usual. When dropping them off at daycare; they would cry and scream, sometimes they would even act out in class. I was called several times the first few weeks. Adjusting to this unfamiliar place was somewhat difficult for me.
Not knowing where to turn to, feeling like I had no one to confide in was really stressful. Feeling like the move was not going to work out, like if I had failed; and that I was not going to survive. People all around the world has experienced a difficult move once in there life. There will feel like; so many hassles in a situation like this one. I had no choice but to except all that I went through. I had to be strong not only for myself, but for my children. There was no way that I would give up accomplishing something I did all on my own. So I prayed it to be over soon.

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Efeects on Moving to Another State
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