Economics case study

For this assignment you must answer the following question provide evidence for your answer.
Do you think college tuition should be free? Yes or No?
Your answer to the assignment should be about two, typed, double spaced pages worth of content.  This does not include cover pages, citation pages, or half of the first page being used for your name, section number, my name, etc…
Use standard 12 point font and standard margins as well.
Your grade for this project will be based on the Rubric below.  Make certain to read it.  Pay attention to the mention of evidence and sources of information.  This means you need citations for a good grade.  There are two sides of the above question.  Pick a side and back up your argument with outside citations.  You should use at least three outside sources to form your argument — not your opinion.  Want to use more citations?  The more the better.  Also, focus on high quality citations, not some random blogger.
Also, pay attention to the format (MLA).  Part of your grade will also depend on the mechanics of the paper, organization, grammar, spelling, and proper use of citations.
You must submit your paper in Blackboard and it will be checked for plagiarism by SafeAssign. If you plagiarize your paper you will receive a 0 for the assignment.

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Economics case study
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