easy discussion responses

1. yes the SmartArt tool is certainly an option that you can use to your advantage. Be advised that customizing SmartArt can be a challenge for the new PowerPoint user. Did you find that the graphic diagrams worked well initially or required some additional modifications?

2. Great post! I also utilized the Smartart/ Wordart feature on powerpoint. It helped my slogan pop out of my presentation and gave the audience something to remember about my product. I agree, it helps make the presentation visually appealing which is an important aspect to all professional presentations, especially those targeted to an audience. It captures attention which should be given to the important points which wont be done if the information is presented in plain text. Although,I do think too much WordArt can make the presentation look tacky, so on that note, I like to keep it for the most important factors!

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3. i think its very important to make sure that there is a flow in you presentation. that it must look appealing and catch the readers attention. To much going on in a slide will not deliver your message in a professional way. when i didn’t my presentation, i believe in the term “less is more”. Even though i did put images, shapes,colors, etc. i made sure to blend them well enough to look presentable and still believer the message.

4. Powerpoint is an important tool when it comes to making a presentation to captivate your audience. Personally, I would say an essential for a professional layout would be to keep pictures on one side of the slide and words on the other. This option can be found under the “Slides” option and you can select the slide that offers two columns of information except one. In one column there would be a picture and in the other there would be words. For example, I used the technique in my Unit 2 assignment. I had my product picture on one side and a description of it on the side. In that manner, I was able to showcase my product and its features without there being too many pictures and words crowded on screen. This kept everything organized so if someone were to come across it, there would know what its for and what its about. 
Another tool I use is Word Art for slogans that are important to the product or service I am showcasing to an audience. That keeps that attend to what the product is and about; also it keeps the audience engaged on your presentation and gives them something catchy to leave with. I utilized this tool in my assignment as well to make the slogan of my product pop. 

5. I think the most essential and proffesional layout for Microsoft PowerPoint is the use of pictures and smart art. It catches the viewers attention and keeps them interested while listening to the presentation and also looking at the pictures of what the presentation is based on. The presentation may be boring but by using pictures and smart art it keeps the audience interested and connected to the slideshow. Yes I used pictures in my unit 2 PowerPoint assignment just to keep the viewer intereted and show them an example of the topic I was working on.

6. When it comes to a professional layout, in my opinion, there is no better tool than the theme feature under the design tab. Incorporating a theme for your overall presentation allows you to maintain a nearly flawless design flow for each slide. Furthermore, the design ideas icon all the way to the right under the design tab simplifies this process even further by making suggestions for different slide layouts of the same theme. I routinely use these features in my presentations, including in my Unit 2 assignment, and always find that my presentations turn out much better because of them.

7. I think that choosing a design that is not too distracting and simple can go a long way. A color scheme can also play a huge role in professional presentations. I don’t feel as though something too flashy or with too many transitions can be considered professional. But at the same time, it does all depend on the audience of the presentation as well. If it is for a toy company they might want more color and transitions, but if you are doing a staff meeting brief for a pharmaceutical company more neutral coloring and to the point transitions might be more appropriate. 

8. I believe that the ability to add graphs, images, and videos to a PowerPoint presentation is essential to have an outstanding professional presentation. Think about it if you didn’t the ability to add images onto your slides, the presentation would be very plain and the audience would not know what to connect your idea with. For example, adding images to your presentation can help illustrate the point you are trying to address. I have learned in the past that images can make a big difference when addressing a topic to an audience, it really grasps their attention. Even graphs that follow a more-is-more rule can be useful to show the status of statistics at a business presentation
Yes, I used images on my PowerPoint Assignment so that it provides an idea of the  creation I promoting for sale. Images can also make your PowerPoint more appealing to the eye of the audience. I have included animations and transitions in specific timescales to emphasize what information to remember as I was introducing the product. I also used a feature, that I wasn’t very comfortable using, which was a black & white image as a background to draw attention to the text while still showcasing my product on the background. It turned out to work out the way I needed it to. The image was very subtle due to the lack of colors, and it allowed the text to really pop out!

9. To do a professional Microsoft PowerPoint, you have to use the essential tools. So, your PowerPoint can be less busy, neat, organize, and legible. For example, you have to make sure you are keeping it short and simple, limited bullet points, tests, transitions, and builds. Also, having a visual theme, but avoid using powerpoint templets so that you can have a unique powerpoint. If you have to use charts and tables, use the appropriate charts and tables that flow with the facts and figures of your PowerPoint. Also, you have to make sure you’re using the proper color scheme, and font size and color, and only use audio when it is appropriate. When I was doing my unit 2 promotional PowerPoint Assignment, I felt I did a decent job. However, I felt that my presentation was pretty basic because I did not use any wow factors. However, I did choose the correct font, font size, color scheme, animations, and transitions.

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