If you haven’t already, please review the Module Overview page, read the reading assignments, listen to the lectures/presentations.
These are three short essay questions. Answers can be found in the reading assignments and lectures. They are due on Sunday night by 11:55pm.
Please use bullet points if appropriate. For example, if a question asks for three things, use this format to answer – 

First point.
Second point.
Third point.

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Question #1 (5 points):
List the six types of real property and provide an example of each. Note that there is a formatting issue in the textbook. One bullet point includes three types of real property. Pay attention to what is in each bullet point (or better yet, go to the lecture). 
Question #2 (5 points):
1. How do local jurisdictions use zoning laws to regulate building and land use? What are the three primary zones used?
2. How do local jurisdictions use eminent domain laws?
3. What are the issues that each can cause for property owners?
Question #3 (5 points):
What are the three primary things that you have learned in this course?

CH 28 – Real Property & Landlord-Tenant Law pp. 538-559
CH 30 – Estate Planning  pp. 576-592




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