Driving Safety and Distractions

Research question: driving safety and types of distractions.
Hypothesis: Driving safe and trying to avoid distractions can prevent thousands of accidents each year. People tend to let things like music, phones, makeup, and other things distract their driving. Acting more safely can prevent a lot. The null hypothesis would be that it really doesn’t matter about the distractions it is up to the person to drive safely. The number of participants that I will use for this research is thirty. The inclusion characteristics will be age, gender, and three different types of distractions. I don’t think there will be no exclusion characteristics considering the study is using age and gender as well as different distraction characteristics. Yes, the sample needs to be diverse because we are studying driving between males and females. We are also studying the adult and teenage age groups against the different distractions that we intend to use. The type of sampling method that I will be using is stratified random sampling. This sampling is appropriate because I will be randomly selecting participants from each group so that their presence in the sample is proportional to the representation in the population. I will generalize my sample to the male and female populations. I will also use the teenage and adult groups. I will also generalize between the different types of distractions and there affect. The independent variables in my study will be men versus women. The dependent variable would the types of distractions that cause a person not to drive safely. I will be using the one-way ANOVA test. This test is appropriate to use with the number of distractions being tested which will be three or more categories to compare against.
The reliability of this study is based on the participants and how they react to the types of distractions. The validity would be how valid the distractions are to get a reaction out of the participants. For this study, I will be using observational research in determining driving and types of distractions. I would set up a car simulation. Each participant would be driving and I would add a distraction to the experiment to observe the reaction of the person. I will also use data from different driving accidents to see what caused it and the age and gender of the person. Descriptive research is the design being used. This research is good because I am using observational research and some archival data. The basic procedure that I will go through is to randomly pick males and females some that are teens and some adults. I will set up car simulation and have each one drive and then present different distractions to see how they react. I can also see what was the one distractions that had the greatest effect and the one that had the least effect. Some ethical issues could be the race of the subjects, the area in which they live, health, and mental issues.


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Driving Safety and Distractions
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