Do you think protective orders enhance victim safety? 

List two advantages.
List two disadvantages.

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2.  The victim (plaintiff) invites her husband over for dinner with an active order of protection in place against him. An argument occurs and she calls the police claiming he violated the order. 

Do you think she should be arrested for violating the order as well as the abuser?  Explain. 
Can she be legally arrested for violating the order?  
In Arizona, the answer is no. Why?

3  Victim impact statements are often used in sentencing.  They give the victim an opportunity to present in court orally or in writing, how the crime impacted them and what they think should happen in regards to the punishment.  What if a domestic violence victim has reunited with her abuser, describes him as wonderful and recommends the least amount of punishment. 

To what level should the judge consider the victim’s wishes? 
If the judge had a solid understanding of domestic violence, what factors would he/she consider when evaluating the victim’s statement?
List two things you learned from the discussion resources on victim impact statements.
What was the key message the judge was presenting in the discussion resource podcast?

4.  Misdemeanor convictions of domestic violence are typically placed on unsupervised probation (with a few exceptions) in Arizona.  Felony convictions of domestic violence are placed on supervised probation through the county. 

Do you think gender of the probation officer is a factor in supervising domestic violence abusers? 
Should only male probation officers be able to supervise male abusers?  Why or why not? 
What are some of the problems male and female probation officers may face?  List two problems or issues for each gender.

5.  List three things you learned by watching the video on stalking. List them numerically.-I WILL WATCH VIDEO, PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW

What is the relationship between stalking and domestic violence?

6.  Teen violence and relationship abuse is a huge problem, sometimes starting as early as 12 and 13 years old. Why is it happening at such a young age?  

7.  Evaluating what you have learned in class, what do you think are the two most effective solutions to domestic violence and describe how you would implement each one? Consider the role of stalking in your strategies.

One strategy should be preventive.
One strategy should be responsive.  Sell each approach and explain why it will work.  Feel free to be creative.  

One important step in confronting domestic violence is dispelling myths and false believes about it.  In that spirit, share with someone at least one thing you have learned in this class.  While only one small step in confronting this problem, it can make a difference.

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