Domestic Violence Course Assignment

Questions: Answer the following questions. Name three consequences for women victimized by male partner violence. ? Describe the following three theories: traumatic bonding, Stockholm syndrome, ND attachment. How do these theories explain a victim’s entrapment in the relationship? Why can’t battered women count on the criminal Justice system to protect them from an abusive male partner? Chapter 9 Review – Abusive Heterosexual Partners: Primarily Men Discuss at least three different types of definitions of partner violence. Discuss blame. Evaluate how it affects battered women and partner violent men. Discuss what is known about female partner abuse offenders.
Compare and contrast differences with male offenders. Assignment – Due: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Discuss the meaning and importance of practice, policy and prevention issues. Evaluate agency services versus individual counseling services. What problems do agencies appear to have? Discuss cultural competence and why is it needed in practice, policy and prevention. Discuss the controversy over treatment of male abusers. What is your opinion? Assignment – Due: Wednesday, April 1 1, 2012 Chapter 4 Review – Child Physical Abuse Should corporal punishment be outlawed?
Is it effective? Why or why not? List five general categories of the effects of CPA on children. Describe a prototypical adult who abuses children. Assignment #5 – Due: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Chapter 12 Review – Abuse of Elderly and Disabled Persons How does elder abuse compare with abuse of younger adults? What is elder self- neglect? What sorts of individuals are most likely to abuse elders? What are some of the forms of abusing disabled persons that appear to be unique? What elder abuse problems and responses to abuse occur in nursing homes?

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Domestic Violence Course Assignment
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