Does Covergirl Test on Animals

Animals can be subject to pain, lack and hardship when inserted into the conditions needed to test them. Cosmetic animal testing is cruel alternative of doing real research and find out what products really nuisances people. There are many cosmetic companies that test on animals, including many major brands. Every day, the cosmetic companies that experiments on animals are subjected to a variety of animals those cruel and inhumane attitudes. Over the years, the number of wins by animal rights campaigns and lots of already tested on animals to stop.
In late 1980 and early 1990, there are many leading companies to stop testing cosmetics on animals in response to negative publicity from animal rights groups. Moreover, in recent years the interest in sustainable products both companies eco-friendly and animal’s cosmetics have more burden to stop testing on animals. However, despite interest in cruelty cosmetics for the practice of cosmetic companies that test on animals, there are many cosmetic companies involved in this cases. Top cosmetic companies that test on animals are Maybelline.
Maybelline is one of the largest cosmetic companies that test on animals. When it comes to market share, Maybelline has a market share of 7. 4% in the world of cosmetics. Not like the other companies that have stopped animal testing over the years, Maybelline has continued to test on animals. Secondly is L’Oreal, the greater share of the world market of cosmetics with the 5. 3% market share. The company was also the subject of animal rights campaigns, because it is one of the main cosmetic companies that test on animals.

The group called L’Oreal Nature watches continue to criticized the current boycott L’Oreal Company argues that even gives animal tests in 1989. Nature watch show that while L’Oreal will no longer be able to test finished products on animals, the ingredients tested on animals. Lancome has a market share of 4% of the world and, inappropriately, one of the cosmetic companies that test on animals. Like other cosmetic companies that test on animals, has done a lot of web sites that keep trash of companies that use animal testing and is commonly avoided by those whom wishing to be considerate consumers.
Max Factor has a 2. 8% share of the world market, it is sufficient to include it among the major cosmetic companies that test on animals. The company has been targeted by animal rights activists over the years, both relating to animal testing for cosmetic products, as well as the fact that Max Factor parent company Procter ;amp; Gamble-test a variety of animal products. Cover Girl has a 2. 7% share of the world market, the number of high-ranking enough to five major cosmetic companies that test on animals. As for Max Factor, Cover Girl is owned by Procter ;amp; Gamble, which has tested several products on animals.
Although Procter and Gamble claimed that stopped animal testing for 80% of its products, continues to test various products on animals. In addition to these companies, there are many other cosmetic companies that test on animals. The products are not tested on animals in General clearly labeled. There are millions of animals that have suffered violent, painful death in the name of research. Live animals such as human beings, but people seem to think that animals are just mere tools at their disposal. The types of animal testing research are medical, surgical, and cosmetic testing.
For years researchers have been using animals as test tool for human drugs. People say that using animals, we are getting closer to finding a cure for cancer, but in fact, all the researchers found was a cure for cancer in rats, but it just does not work in humans, according to the former head of the U. S. National Cancer Institute. Animals and humans built different, because these animals do not get sick in the same way that people do. Every year in the United States alone, there are more than 100,000 human deaths caused by drugs all have successfully passed the test animals.
Since all that extensive research has failed, it has been a waste of time that could have been spent using alternative test will be more reliable and accurate for medical research. Surgery is another form of animal testing where prepared animal cut open the stomach just to see how they work as if they were some kind of machine. Type or analyzed animals in schools which are frogs, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, rabbits, fish, worms, and insects. Frogs taken from the wild and other animals taken from carnage houses, animal shelter, pound, pet stores, and are also free to good home ads.
A PETA undercover investigator in one of the country’s largest supplier of animals to be used for the operation had been told by his supervisor that some cats are killed have become animal companions have ran away from their homes and the fact that students do experiments on animals other one and only. Animals used for surgery being blasted, and sometimes, they were brought out alive and in pain only to be injected with formaldehyde, which is harshly irritating caustic substance that causes a painful death.
Students who dissect animals are sensitive to the sanctity of life, and surgery can encourage students to killed animals elsewhere, perhaps in their own backyard. Animals adequate to live their lives the way they naturally planned for. Cosmetics industry uses animals to determine their security products. As a result of testing done, millions of animals suffer a painful to death. A type of test used on animals called irritancy test where liquid, granule, flake, or powdered substance falls into albino rabbit eye group.
Because of this, irritated rabbit eyes become swollen and may bleed. Even though rabbits alive and aware, almost fifty percent of the test animals death usually within 2 or 3 weeks. There is another type of test done to establish what skin care products are safe for humans called skin irritancy test. Those tests are mostly conducted in rabbits and guinea pigs. This is processes that involves shaving the animal and put chemicals on raw skin and cover their bare skin with adhesive plaster. Animals will be moving in the block device to prevent them from fighting.
This form of the test may be far worst child; these animals that undergo test only for a new lipstick or perfume live in enclosures, small crowded in fear or pain and suffering. Animals have different biological systems or human testing may not be as accurate. A cosmetic testing on animals is not only offensive, but also it is also very expensive. Alternative test can maintain the same amount of data, and less expensive and not cruel to animals. The fact that people take small animals that are unable to punish them, just so people can make themselves look and feel better is just wide of the mark.
There is a more logical way of testing described above. Test more accurate and less offensive to living things, such as “synthetic skin,” called Corrosive, computer modeling and numerical Marine Local Lymph Node Assay design better, (LLNA). It is a proven fact that animals feel pain just like humans, but we still think its okay torture and kill animals in the name of science. If this is the man that researchers have used it will be considered unethical and immoral. We must end the cruelty and torture for this because as humans, animals, wildlife.
No matter how it is viewed, it is cruel and unusual punishment. The soul is the same in all living things, and even the body of each is different. If people would take the time and attract what this quote really means, then maybe they will have a better respect and understanding for animals and see why animal testing is morally wrong, and torment beings who can’t speak for themselves. If scientists can find a way to find out what materials people react negatively to, there would be no need to test on animals.

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