Discussion 4

Children’s access to high quality programs in the US is influenced by the state in which they live.  For this discussion, visit the Children’s Defense Fund website and access the Children in States Factsheet 2015 for your state (my state is North Carolina) and a neighboring state of your choice.  Review the fact sheet for your state which is North Carolina and the other neigboring state of your choice.  Find data for the following for the two states.
Number of children in poverty
One fact pertaining to child health
One fact pertaining to early childhood education
One interesting statistic that you gained from the data
Create a graphic representation (chart, table, or graph) that illustrates differences in the selected statistics between your state and the other state you chose.  You are encouraged to use Chart, Table or SmartArt features in Word or Excel to create your graphic
In the written party of your post, analyze your findings to interpret what the data you provided tells us about the appropriateness of childcare relative to the other state.  Justify your analysis by providing a comparison between the funding, percentage or identified poor children based on the data for the two states.
Provide two to three specific recommendations for families to access quality childcare in your community.  Also locate two organizations that can aid families in identifying quality care.  
I’m from Henderson North Carolina.
Please cite your sources

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Discussion 4
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