Disaster Preparedness

Managing disaster response is one of the most challenging aspects of the National Response System (NRS). The effectiveness of coordination between national, state, and local teams at the scene of the incident is a key to the successful response on disasters and other calamities (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2009). According to the ‘Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Handbook’, it is the job of the local government, to inform the Regional Emergency Operations Center about events or disasters that take place in their respective areas.
In this case, the Incident Commander carries out the responsibility (OES, 2004). This paper will briefly discuss the key functions in disaster preparedness and implementations. The review of literature will be the method in relating the analysis to the overall topical discussions. Literature review The Incident Command System (ICS) is the main tool used in the management of emergency response incidents.
For the local responders, who are usually the first to respond on the scene of the event, it is important that they understand the standards and concepts of the ICS. During times of disaster, the Incident Commander (IC) becomes the On-Scene Coordinator (OSC). Based on the Related OSHA Standards, the IC is tasked with assessing the situation or schedules a briefing with the past Incident Commander.

Likewise, the IC then meets with the command staff and section chiefs (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2009). Based on the procedures after meeting with the members of the disaster response team, the Incident Commander then determines all hazardous materials or circumstances and address them appropriately using site analysis, engineering controls, maximum exposure restrictions, guidelines on handling hazardous substances, and using new technologies (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2009).
It is the job of the Incident Commander to make sure that they trim down the number of emergency response staff, particularly in the areas where they will be exposed to site hazards. There should be a safety officer, who has the knowledge of operating procedures. When the designated safety officer deems that there is imminent danger, they can suspend or put an end to emergency activities (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2009).
In summary, it is the job of the Incident Commander to ensure safety first before anything else in any disaster or emergency situations. Before implementing any plan of action, the IC or On-Site Coordinator should see to it that the citizens should be out of danger or evacuated from the site. Likewise, the Incident Commander should ensure the safety of their team. They should always see to it that the plan of action is always in accordance with the standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Data analysis
For better control and management of disasters, it is essential that each member of the Emergency Response Team should be well-prepared and properly trained. According to the OSHA, understanding and familiarity with the Incident Command System is the key to successful implementation of an emergency response. Planning for an incident should be done in advance of the event. This way, each member of the team can identify their roles and responsibilities during a certain emergency situation. Effective planning also includes conducting regular drills and practices.
Aside from that, the emergency response personnel should also have an idea of which agencies they need to coordinate with in times of disaster. Findings and conclusion Disaster preparedness can be more effective and efficient if members of emergency response team are adequately trained and familiar with the Internal Command System. There must be coordination between the national, state, and local emergency teams. In conclusion, the performance of the disaster management systems relies on systematic coordination of emergency response teams from one level to another.

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