Different Views of Community.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Different Views of Community. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The disparity occurs in the context in which the two address the issue of community. This essay puts into perspective the views taken by both Paul and Mark in addressing how people should relate with one another. While there is a variation in the context of community between 1st Corinthian and the Gospel of Mark, there is a common emphasis on the need to live in the community while advancing the same spirit. Although the two scriptures seem like they are written for different purposes, Paul and Mark present similar core views on the significance of community in leading a better Christian life.

Paul and Mark in the context of the community have addressed divergent aspects. When an internal discord started to develop within the Church of the Corinth, Paul wrote an extensive letter to them not to force them back into an ideal form of how the church must function, but guide them on track of the true Christian values. Despite admonishing them to build community, he does not seem to be so hard on them. Mark, on the other hand, does not specify a set audience for his Gospel as opposed to Paul’s letter, Mark’s writing is in a narrative form portraying the chronicles of Jesus’ life in his adulthood from his baptism to the crucifixion and his resurrection. In addressing the people of Corinth Paul seems to be concerned about some evils in the community. He specifically addresses the issue of proud culture that made some to depart from the Christian community. Other issues addressed include immorality and the divisions that occurred in the church that threatened the community. On the other hand, the gospel of Mark presents the aspect of the community through the life of Jesus Christ who encouraged people to live in love. He particularly focusses on the deeds of Jesus Christ, which helped promote the community among the believers while the&nbsp.non-believers getting to join the community.

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