Different Patterns of Communication in Men and Women.

I will pay for the following article Different Patterns of Communication in Men and Women. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In this research study, we will further analyze the theory of the presence of differences in both genders regarding their behaviors.

According to psychologists’ point of view, the study of differences in men and women’s behavior is very important because it may help to develop these behavioral models which could help in the behavioral studies. A language is always a basic tool or we can say the building block in the construction of the attitude and behavior of any individual. The selection of words, style of spoken language, and expressions matter a lot when we are conversing with any other person. But we may witness contradictions in the language used while comparing males and females. Even the use of language is different in both genders regarding the selection and ways of spoken words (Handelmen et. al., 2008). For example, we may witness a difference in the behavior of a salesman and a salesgirl when any person inquires about a product and ask a question in detail.

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Different Patterns of Communication in Men and Women.
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Most of the time emotions are the reason for a women’s specific behavior while actions always inspire men (Sherwood, 2012). In other words, we can also say that women always want a long discussion whereas men are always satisfied with the work, actions, tasks, and activities completion without wasting time on long hours of discussion. For example, we can see in the waiting area of any office, unlike men women are always busy in talks. Men usually make connections with those with whom their activities are matched, on the other hand, women like to connect with those, whose talk or conversation is settled with her.

There is always a difference in the voice tone and speed of talk between men and women (Goldsmith, 2010). An interesting research study states that women can feel and think at a time while males cannot do this. There might be several reasons behind this behavior but in my opinion, because of being emotional, women can enjoy both activities at a time. Emotions are always a neglected part for the male persons but this cannot be true in 100 percent cases. There are some examples when males are emotional towards any situation in their life but generally speaking males are emotionless persons.

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